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The mission of the Software Behaviour Analysis (SBA) Research Lab is to investigate techniques and tools to help software analysts understand and analyze the behaviour of complex software systems with the primary goal of enhancing maintenance, security, and addressing performance problems.

The term 'software behaviour' is used here to include the interactions that occur within the software itself (micro interactions) and between software and its environment (macro interactions). We look at software from the ecosystem perspective. The outcome of our research can help with a variety of applications: software comprehension, software maintenance and evolution, performance analysis, anomaly detection, software compliance and certification, etc.

Research interests include:
  • Tracing and runtime monitoring
  • Trace abstraction and simplification
  • Mining execution traces
  • Software behaviour analysis tools and frameworks
  • Software instrumentation techniques
  • Fault detection, localization, recovery and repair
  • Recovery of behavioural design models
  • Software feature location and enhancement
  • Program understanding and evolution
  • Trace-based anomaly detection systems
  • Online system observation and surveillance
  • Digital forensic analysis
  • Complexity analysis of software behaviour
  • Combination of static and dynamic analyses
  • Trace modeling and specification languages
  • Program steering, healing, and adaptation
  • Visualization and classification of program behaviour
  • User log analysis

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