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P r o j e c t s  &  F u n d i n g

  • Better System Maintenance through Advanced Trace Abstraciton Techniques (NSERC Discovery Grant, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • From Data to Knowledge for Better System Maintenance (D2K) (Ericsson, MITACS, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Diagnostics for Real-Time Distributed Multi-Core Architecture in Avionics (CRIAQ, NSERC CRD, CAE, Opal-RT, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj, Dr. M. Dagenais)
  • Online Surveillance of Critical Computer Systems through Advanced Host-Based Detection (DRDC, Ericsson, NSERC-DND, Dr. M. Dagenais, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj, Dr. A. Goel)
  • Building a Linux Kernel-Based Attack Taxonomy (DRDC, Dr. A.Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Kernel Tracing Techniques for Anomaly Detection in the Context of Redundancy and Diversity  (DRDC, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Software Resilience, Self-Healing, and Self-Adaptation (DRDC, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Cyber surveillance of information systems (DRDC,  Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Analysis of redundant-diverse information systems, and proofs of concept (DRDC,  Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Feature location and software clustering through trace analysis (FQRNT, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Tracing and Monitoring Tools for Distributed Multi-Core Systems (Ericsson, DND/DRDC, NSERC -  Dr. M. Dagenais, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj, Dr. T. Lethbridge, and Dr. B. Ktari)
  • Modeling and Automatic Generation of Information and upgrade Campaigns for Service Availability (Ericsson, NSERC CRD, Dr. F. Khendek, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Program Comprehension through Dynamic Analysis (NSERC Discovery Grant, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)
  • Advanced Trace Simplification Algorithms (ENCS Concordia Startup Fund, Dr. A. Hamou-Lhadj)