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Dr. Wahab Hamou-Lhadj is the founder of the SBA Research Lab. His research interests are in Software Engineering and Information Communication Technologies. He has been working on developing effective software tracing techniques for a variety of applications including software maintenance and evolution, forward engineering, software performance, software security, and software certification.

Research associates and postdocs:

Dr. Abdou Maiga obtained his PhD from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. He specializes in software maintenance and evolution, design patterns, and empirical studies.
Dr. Syed Shariyar Murtaza obtained his PhD from the University of Western Ontario. He specializes in Software Maintenance and Evolution with a focus on fault detection and localization. Dr. Murtaza is the designer of the F007 fault localization tool suite, which is being commercialized by the University of Western Ontario.
Dr. Wael Khreich obtained his PhD from Ecole de technologie superieure, Montreal, QC. He specializes in anomaly detection systems.

PhD Candidates:

Neda Ebrahimi received the BSc in Software Engineering from Islamic Azad University South Tehran and an MSc in Software Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2010. She has served on the Department's Computer of Saderat Bank of Iran for over 8 years. Her MSc thesis subject was about software testing and bug localization using machine learning algorithms.
Korosh Koochekian received his bachelor of science in software engineering in 2009 and his master of science in software engineering in 2012. He worked as lecturer in numerous universities in Iran. He has developed the largest web-based bus ticket system in Iran in 2010. His interests include analysis of algorithms, optimization, and software engineering (especially software testing and maintenance).
Mathieu Nayrolles received two Masters of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Universite du Quebec a Montreal (Canada) and Ecole superieur d'informatique (Cesi.eXia, France), respectively. His masters theses were related to (1) design defect detection using execution traces and (2) genetic algorithms. For his Ph.D., he will specialize in anomaly detection systems. You can find out information about his non-academic projects on
Kobra (Ava) Khanmohammadi received her Master in Information Security from Amirkabir University( in 2007 and a Bachelor degree in Computer Software Engineering from University of Tehran( in 2004. After graduation, she has worked as a computer and network specialist in the Central Bank of Iran for around 5 years. She has excellent knowledge of a wide range of security topics.

Master Students:

Efraim Lopez joined the SBA team in May 2012. He has been working on understanding and analyzing large logs generated from flight simulators to improve performance and other system attributes.
Shayan Eskandri joined the SBA team in Sept. 2012. He is working on kernel level anomaly detection techniques. Shayan has a strong interest in Linux security. His hobby is to find out a way to make an application behave the way it was not designed for so as to understand its vulnearbilities, and hence build better security mechanims.
Mohammad Rejali joined the lab in Jan 2013. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.
Amirreza Soudi joined the SBA team in Jan 2013. He is working on kernel monitoring and tracing for security and anomaly detection. His research interests include Information Security, Network Security, Data Security, and Data Mining.

Undergraduate Students:

Sama Khosravifar will be spending summer 2013 internship in the SBA lab. She will be working on a project in the area of system health management using monitoring techniques.


Name Thesis

Current Position

Luay Alawneh (PhD) Techniques to Facilitate the Understanding of Inter-Process Communication Traces

Senior Software Designer, Nuance Communications

Heidar (Amir) Pirzadeh (PhD) Trace Abstraction Framework and Techniques

Senior Process Engineer, SAP

Pejman Salehi (PhD) - co-supervised with Dr. F. Khendek A Model Based Framework for Service Availability Management

Assistant Professor at Sheridan College, Toronto, ON

Arya Shafiee (MASc.) Phase Flow Diagram: A New Trace Visualization Technique

Senior Software Developer at Nuance Communications

Salamn Hoseini (MASc.) Feature Location in Practice: Debugging Avionic Systems

PhD Student at Concordia University

Prasanna Sambasivan (RA) Analysis of Linux Vulnerabilities

Technology Consulting - Cyber Resilience at PwC

Chirag Patel (MASc) Software Clustering Using Dynamic Analysis and Static Dependencies

Sr. SAP HCM Consultant at CGI

Maher Idris (MASc) Pattern-Based Trace Correlation Techniques for Software Evolution

QA Engineer at Jesta I.S.

Parisa Mirshams (MASc) Extending the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel to Support Aspect-Oriented Programming

Software Developer at Ericsson

Waseem Fadel (MASc) Techniques for the Abstraction of System Call Traces to Facilitate the Understanding of the Behavioural Aspects of the Linux Kernel

Java Developer at hybris software

Hossein Mehrfard (MASc) Extending Extreme Programming to Support Life Sciences Regulations

PhD Student at Carleton University

Ali Mehrabian (MASc) A Formal Framework for Trace Abstraction and Correlation

Software Developer

Mohammad Hamdaqa (MASc) Citation Analysis: An Approach for Facilitating the Analysis of Regulatory Compliance Documents

PhD Student at Waterloo University

Abhishek Rohatgi (MASc) An Approach towards Feature Location Based on Impact Analysis

Software Engineer at Nuance Communications

Akanksha Agarwal (MASc) Trace Abstraction Based on Automatic Detection of Execution Phases

Consultant at Nakisa

Ali Kanso (MASc) Automatic Generation of AMF Compliant Configurations

Researcher at Ericsson

Setareh Kohzadi (MASc) Automatic Generation of Upgrade Campaign Specifications

Software Developer at Ericsson

Sean Smithson (Undergrad student) Incremental Test Case Generation Based on TIOA