Abhimanyu Khanna

Abhimanyu Khanna

email: sendamailatabhi [at] gmail [dot] com

Research Interests

Skill Set


Research graduate Projects

  • Security analysis of Password managers
  • One time programs
Undergraduate Research Projects

  • Animating Google Maps - Provides for a more visually stimulating experience where users can use graphical representation of various events through a navigational slider and control the relevancy of information., [Aug 2013 - Dec 2013]
    Mentor: Dr Raja Sen Gupta,
    McGill University, Montreal

  • Smart Disk Imaging The project deals with imaging file systems efficiently and in an intelligent manner. This would help speed up the process of Imaging filesystems in forensic investigations, [Jan 2013 - Dec 2013]
    Mentor: Dr Gaurav Gupta
    Currently as Joint Director at Department of Electronics & Information Technology,
    New Delhi, India (DeitY)

  • Mobile Web Browser Forensics The project deals with the extraction of forensic artifacts from a mobile browser in the Android OS, [Aug 2011 - Dec 2011]
    Mentor: Dr Gaurav Gupta
    Currently as Joint Director at Department of Electronics & Information Technology,
    New Delhi, India (DeitY)

  • MAC DTS MAC DTS deals with logging the date time stamps at the kernel level for documents in the ext4 filesystem and Android filesystem, [Dec 2010 - March 2011]
    Mentor: Dr Gaurav Gupta
    Currently as Joint Director at Department of Electronics & Information Technology,
    New Delhi, India (DeitY)

Misc Academic projects

  • Transactional Memory [2013] - Detailed survey report on software and hardware Transactional memory.
  • Granted [2012] - Web Portal for managing contingency funds for PHD students in IIITD. Tools - PHP, CSS, MYSQL, Apache.
  • Job Recommender [2012] - A application which recommends job based on data mining and association rules.
  • Internet Radio [2012] - Mobile application developed to stream radio and broadcast in real time. Developed for Android and Windows Mobile Platforms. Tools - Android Development Kit.
  • IIITD Systems Security Evaluation [2012] - Evaluated the security for various systems and surveyed /experimented on the guidelines to be followed under various protocols undermining security flaws present in the college network and policies.
  • Role Of Social Networking sites in social and economic development of India [2011] - Detailed report on the topic which included a survey of 300 individuals.

Positions and Accomplishments

    Concordia Graduate Fellowship, 2014
    • Research Assistantship - Under Dr Gaurav Gupta (April 2013 - July 2013) Headed By: Dr. Gaurav Gupta
    • HCI (Human Computer Interaction) Poster Presentation, IIITD, 2012 - Developed software - 'Granted' and presented as part of a Software poster presentation. 'Granted' is a PHD web portal for managing contingency funds.
    • Research Poster Presentation, IIITD, 2012 - Presented as part of the digital forensic research group at IIIT-D, a poster on Mobile Browser Forensics.
    • Organizer, Esya 2011,2012 - Hosted events at the Esya, the inter-college Techfest of IIIT-Delhi
    • ACM, 2011 Nationalists - Qualified for Regionals, and ranked 36th in Nationals in December 2011.
    • Hacking Club, 2010 - Founder and coordinator of Hacking club at IIIT Delhi.
    • Workshops, 2011 - Held workshops and tutorials related to hacking and computer security topics.
    • Debugging, 2011 - Obtained first position in a programming competition: Segfault held in Esya (IIITD Techfest )

My Ideologies

  • Political Views - Autarchism, Classical liberalism, World Communism
  • Religious Views - Modernism, Syncretism
  • For a list of my favourite quotes, Please Click here.

Other Interests

  • Dancing: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing, Zouk, Tango, Blues
  • Photography: Semi professional.
  • Travelling
  • Gaming - Online MMORG - Dota2, Counter Strike

Contact Me

Email - choikappa93 [at] gmail [dot] com,
sendamailatabhi [at] gmail [dot] com

1515, Sainte Catherine West Street
EV Building, EV.010.173
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2W1, Canada.
(+1) 514-848-2424 ext: 7182
Ph: +1 514 705 0891

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