Special Session : Sustainable Transport Planning and Assessment

Barry Wellar, William Garrison, OR and MS Inputs to Decisions about Sustainable Transport Practices (pdf)

Rajeev Namboothiri,Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Jean Damay, Michel Gendreau, Strategic Planning of National/Regional Freight Transportation Systems: An Analysis, (pdf)

Anjali Awasthi, Satyaveer S Chauhan, Determinants of Carsharing Usage: The Case of La Rochelle, France , (pdf)

Kevin McLaughlin, Public Cars and Private Transit: Are We Ready Yet?, (pdf)

Sybil Derrible, Christopher Kennedy, Energy Use of Subway Networks in the Sustainability Era? , (pdf)

Ali Khan, Ciprian Alecsandru, Improving the Service Quality of the Montreal Subway System , (pdf)

Tutorial: Heuristics

Michel Gendreau, An introduction to trajectory-based search methods, with an application to routing and location problems, (pdf)

Special Session: Rich Vehicle Routing Problems

Michel Gendreau, Jean-Francois Cote, Jean-Yves Potvin, A Heuristic for the Pickup and Delivery TSP with LIFO Loading and Multiple Stacks, (pdf)