Concordia University Computer Science and
Software Engineering

Dr. J. William Atwood
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Concordia University

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Room ER 1234
1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard, West
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8

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Room ER 1234

2155 Guy Street

Montreal, Quebec

ORCID 0000-0002-5973-5832

PGP Public Key:  0xD0F00558


Notice to all prospective applicants:

I am no longer accepting new students


My research is concerned with the specification, validation, and evaluation of communications protocols, and with the application of these protocols within computer networks.  I am Director of the High Speed Protocols Laboratory.

My current research focus is on Secure Routing, Secure Multicasting, Autonomic Networking, and Software-Defined Networks (SDN).

Thesis Topics

Note to prospective students:  I retired from Concordia University in 2006.  While I have had a research program up to now, I have enrolled my last students in Spetember 2020, and once they have completed their work I plan to "really" retire. Therefore, I will no longer accept new graduate students.





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The 47th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, Edmonton, Canada, 2022 September 26--29

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