Dave's rough guide to set up WIN95 for dialing in using Slirp

This is a very rough guide to set up your computer running WIN95 for dialing in to ECE and using Slirp. Everything below might not appear in that order depending on how your WIN95 was installed. The important information are there and it should be obvious as to where the information goes once you start the process.


Notation: "-->The Internet"  means  Click on "The Internet" icon or box.

1) Setting up the modem.  The Wizard should be able to find your modem,
   if not you'll have to tell the Wizard what kind and which port the modem
   is on.

 -->Start  -->Control Panel -->Modem

 -->Next  -->Next  -->Next
		Country: Canada
		Area Code: 514

 -->Next  -->Finish
  You should now get a "Modem Properties", the default setting should be
  fine, therefore just -->Close.

2) Setting up the networking protocols.

 -->Start -->Settings -->Control Panel -->Network

 -->Add  -->Client  -->Microsoft client for Microsoft Network  -->OK
			-->Microsoft  -->Dial-up Adopter  -->OK

 -->Add  -->Protocol  -->Add  -->Microsoft  -->TCP/IP  -->OK

 -->TCP/IP  -->Properties  
			-->IP address
                           check "Specify an IP address"
                           IP address:
          		   Subnet Mask: 
                        -->DNS Configuration
                               check "Enable DNS"
                               Host "Whatever you want"
                               Domain ece.concordia.ca

                               DNS server Search Order

 -->OK -->Identification
		Computer Name:  Your choice
		Workgroup:	Your choice

  It might prompt you for the WIN95 CD to get the proper files.  If it does just
  place the WIN95 CD into the CD-ROM and -->OK.

 -->Restart computer

  After WIN95 restarts, it will have a login window.  Follow the instructions
  if you don't want the login window to appear again.

3) The following lets the computer know whenever you start an application
   that needs Internet services to bring up the dial in window.  This sequence
   will be different if you have already tried to run Netscape or the MS
   Internet Explorer.  Nevertheless the information is still valid but
   the sequence will be a little different.  
   Note: The "The Internet" icon is the globe on the desktop not the one
         in the Control Panel.
 -->The Internet   -->Next
    check "I already have an account with a different service provider."  
    check "NO" to Microsoft Exchange for email  

  It might prompt you for the WIN95 CD to get the proper files.  If it does just
  place the WIN95 CD into the CD-ROM and -->OK.

    Name of Service Provider: ECE(or whatever you want)   

    Area Code:514	Telephone Number:848-8840(7370 or 8820 for ugrads)
    Country Code: Canada
    Check "Bring up terminal Window after dialing"  

    User Name: Your Choice
    Password: Leave it blank  

    The "IP address" window should already have the proper information 
    If not, add the following:
			Check "Always use the following"
			IP Address:
			Subnet Mask:

    The "DNS Server Address" window should already have the proper 
    information.  If not, add the following:
			DNS Address:

    Check "Use Internet Mail"
    Your Email Address: "Your email address"
    Internet Mail Server: pop.ece.concordia.ca

 -->Next  -->Finish

4)  If everything went well you should be able to dial in and
    connect to ECE via your modem. Here's how:
    a) Connect your modem to the phone line.
    b) Click on Netscape or MS Internet Navigator.
    c) You should get a dial in window, just -->Connect
    d) The modem should dial and a "Post-Dial Terminal Screen"  will appear.
    e) Wait (or hit the 'return' key) for the prompt. 
    f) For 848-7370 and 8820 users, you'll have to type "rlogin snow-white -l 
    g) Start Slirp by typing "/local/bin/slirp -P", and then -->Continue(F7) on 
       "Post-Dial Terminal Screen" window.
    h) You should now be connected.
    i) To logout,  -->ECE Connection at bottom of screen and -->Disconnect.
       OR just -->Disconnect when you exit the Netscape of MS Internet Navigator

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