INSE 6120: Crypto-Protocols and Network Security (graduate)

Cryptographic protocol design, description and analysis; Network security.


Prerequisite: INSE 6110 or equivalent.
Cryptographic protocols, authentication protocols, key distributions protocols, e-commerce protocols, fair-exchange and contract-signing protocols, security protocol properties: authentication, secrecy, integrity, availability, non-repudiation, atomicity, certified delivery, crypto-protocol attacks, design principles for security protocols, automatic analysis, public key infrastructure, models and architectures for network security, authentication using Kerberos and X.509, email security (PGP, S/MIME), IP security, SSL/TLS protocols, virtual private networks, firewalls intrusion detection, host-based IDS, network based IDS, misuse detection methods, anomaly detection methods, intrusion detection in distributed systems, intrusion detection in wireless ad hoc networks botnet detection, analysis and mitigation, darknet traffic analysis, prediction and forecast of network threats, network security monitoring. A project.



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