TestCom 2005 is the 17th event in a series of international workshops and conferences.

Formerly it was the International Workshop for Protocol Test Systems (IWPTS)

IWPTS’89: Berlin, Germany, Oct. 1989
IWPTS'90: McLean, Virginia, U.S.A., Oct. 1990
IWPTS'91: Leidschendam, Netherlands, Oct. 1991
IWPTS'92: Montréal, Canada, Sept. 1992
IWPTS'93: Pau, France, Sept. 1993
IWPTS 94: Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 1994
IWPTS’95: Evry, France, Sept.1995
IWPTS'96: Darmstadt, Germany, Sept. 1996

then it became the International Workshop on Testing Communicating Systems (IWTCS)

IWTCS'97: Cheju Island, Korea, Sept. 1997
IWTCS'98: Tomsk, Russia, Aug.-Sept. 1998
IWTCS'99: Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 1999

and finally it became the International Conference on Testing Communicating Systems (TestCom)

TestCom'00: Ottawa, Canada, Aug.-Sep. 2000
TestCom'02: Berlin, Germany, March 2002
TestCom'03: Sophia Antipolis, France, May 2003

TestCom'04: Oxford, United Kingdom, 2004

TestCom'05: Montreal, PQ, Canada, 2005