Thomas G. Fevens

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Concordia University
Sir George Williams Campus
Room ER 947 (9th floor)
2155 Guy Street
Montreal, QC Canada H3H 2L9
Office phone: (514) 848-2424x3038
Email: thomas dot fevens at

Member of the Deep Learning for Medical and Visual Processing (ML-MVP) lab.


Fall 2023:

Winter 2024: 

THOMAS FEVENS, PhD is a Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering, at Concordia University, and an Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Surgery, at McGill University. While at Queen's University at Kingston, Dr. Fevens obtained a BSc in Astrophysics with honours in 1990, an MSc in Physics in 1993 specializing in General Relativity, an MSc in Computing and Information Science in 1994 specializing in Numerical Analysis and a PhD in Computing and Information Science in 1999 specializing in Computational Geometry. He was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at McGill from 2000 to 2001 in the School of Computer Science. An expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning and Medical Imaging, he has published articles in top venues such as ICCV, MICCAI, Pattern Recognition, and IEEE TMI on Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Malignancy Classification, Clinical Image Segmentation, and Deep Learning for Medical Imagery.


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