Major Publications

Journal Publications (ordered according to my dominant research streams).

Policy dynamics of water supply

  • Experiments and Counter-Experiments in the Laboratory of Water Supply Partnerships in Bengaluru, India, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 38.2, 393-412, 2014.

  • Policy Transmission: The policy dynamic of water supply infrastructure development in India, Water Policy 13.3, 375-92, 2011.

  • Transforming Water Supply Regimes in India: Do Public Private Partnerships have a role to play? Water Alternatives 3.3, 492-511, 2010.

  • Sustainability & the indispensability of politics: A study of sanitation partnerships in urban India. International Journal of Sustainable Society, 2.4, 376-392, 2010.

  • Developing Durable Infrastructures: Politics, Social Skill and Sanitation Partnerships in Urban India. Review of Policy Research, 26.5, 571-87, 2009.

Infrastructure, Cities, & Urban Renewal in India

Public Leadership in Engineering Education

  • (with Brandiff Caron, Deborah Dysart Gale, Matthew Harsh) Navigating a Constitutional Moment: Reflections on Implementing Graduate Attributes in Canadian Engineering Education. Engineering Studies, 6.1, 44-61, 2014.

  • Public Leadership Framework: Approaches to Diversify Engineering Education. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy, 4.1, 43-48, 2014.

  • Teaching global engineering in Canada, learning informality of the Global South. European Journal of Engineering Education. 39.4, 349-364.

  • Making community water/sanitation partnerships sustainable – some lessons. Journal of Policy Engagement , 2.1, 9-14, 2010.

Some recent seminar and conference presentations:

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