cugl::Vector Member List

This is the complete list of members for cugl::Vector, including all inherited members.

cross(const Vector &u, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
dot(const Vector &u, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
draw(const Point &p) const cugl::Vector [inline]
drawNormal() constcugl::Vector [inline]
length() constcugl::Vector [inline]
Matrix classcugl::Vector [friend]
norm() constcugl::Vector [inline]
operator *(const Vector &u, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator *(const Vector &v, GLfloat s)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator *(GLfloat s, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator *=(GLfloat scale)cugl::Vector [inline]
operator!=(const Vector &x, const Vector &y)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator+(const Vector &u, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator+(const Vector &v, const Point &p)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator+(const Point &p, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator+=(const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [inline]
operator-() constcugl::Vector [inline]
operator-(const Vector &u, const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator-=(const Vector &v)cugl::Vector [inline]
operator/(GLfloat scale) const cugl::Vector
operator/=(GLfloat scale)cugl::Vector
operator<<(std::ostream &os, Vector &v)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator==(const Vector &x, const Vector &y)cugl::Vector [friend]
operator[](int i)cugl::Vector
operator[](int i) const cugl::Vector
Point classcugl::Vector [friend]
Quaternion classcugl::Vector [friend]
translate() constcugl::Vector [inline]
unit() constcugl::Vector
Vector()cugl::Vector [inline]
Vector(GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z)cugl::Vector [inline]
Vector(GLfloat coordinates[])cugl::Vector [inline]
Vector(Point points[], int numPoints)cugl::Vector
Vector(Point &p, Point &q)cugl::Vector [inline]
Vector(const Quaternion &q)cugl::Vector [inline]
xcugl::Vector [private]
ycugl::Vector [private]
zcugl::Vector [private]

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