Alain Robidoux was born in 1960 and became a professional snooker player in 1986. In 1997, he was ranked ninth in the world. The first three photos below show Alain Robidoux playing at the Orléans club in Montreal.

Many thanks to Normand McGuire for taking the digital photographs on this page and sending them to me by email! You can also look at my pictures of Alain.

The stance may look aggressive but, like all the top players, Alain has complete control of his cue and never uses more strength than is necessary to pot the ball and get position.

Lined up for a draw shot.

The lie is awkward, but the bridge is a solid as ever.

I am nervous because Alain is watching me play.

Alain is offering me some advice: "Try to hit the white ball".

We played a frame. Alain is the luckiest guy I have ever played against: those balls just kept rollin' in. Alain won.