11th Intl. IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages
VL '95


Tuesday, September 5

Greg McKaskle, Rahman Jamal, Omid Sojoodi:
LabVIEW - Visual Programming using Structured Dataflow
Sorry, Cancelled!

Wednesday, September 6 (in parallel)

Philip Cox, Trevor J. Smedley:
Prograph CPX: Visual Programming Applied to Industrial Software Development
Gitta (Kienegger-)Domik:
Fundamentals of Computer Visualization

Opening of Symposium - Regular Sessions

Wednesday, September 6

George Bosworth:
Evolution of a Commercial Object Oriented Visual Programming Environment-One Designer's Perspectives and Predictions
Henry Lieberman:
The Visual Language of Experts in Graphic Design (HTML with Pictures)
Richard Robinson, Devin Cook, Steven Tanimoto:
Programming Agents with Visual Rules
Hui Liu:
A Visual Interface For Querying a CASE Repository
Hugh Glaser, Trevor J. Smedley:
PSH - The Next Generation of Command Line Interfaces
Yuichi Koike, Yasuyuki Maeda, Yoshiyuki Koseki:
Improving Readability of Iconic Programs with Multiple View Object Representation (HTML with Pictures)
Paolo Bottoni, Maria Francesca Costabile, Stefano Levialdi, Piero Mussio:
Formalising Visual Languages

Thursday, September 7

John C. Grundy, John G. Hosking:
ViTABaL: A Visual Language Supporting Design by Tool Abstraction
Alberto Del Bimbo, Luigi Rella, Enrico Vicario:
Visual Specification of Branching Time Temporal Logic
Michael Goedecke, Sorin A. Huss, Kai Morich:
Automatic Parallelization of the Visual Data-Flow Language Cantata for Efficient Characterization of Analog Circuit Behavior
Trevor J. Smedley:
A High-Level Visual Language for the Graphical Description of Digital Circuits
Guijun Wang, Allen Ambler:
Invocation Polymorphism (HTML with Pictures)
Hideki Koike, Manabu Aida:
A Bottom-Up Approach for Visualizing Program Behavior
Rahman Jamal, Lothar Wenzel:
The Applicability of the Visual Programming Language LabVIEW to Large Real-World Applications (HTML with Pictures)
Edward Miller, Motoji Kado, Masahito Hirakawa, Tadao Ichikawa:
HI-VISUAL as a User-Customizable Visual Programming Environment


Dietrich Fahrenholtz, Volker Haarslev:
Visualization of StrandTM Processes (additional Videos, HTML with Pictures)
Winfried H. Graf, Stefan Neurohr:
Constraint-Based Layout in Visual Program Design
Massimo Paltrinieri:
A Visual Environment for Constraint Programming
Thomas Kunstmann, Martin Frisch, Robert Müller:
A Declarative Programming Environment Based on Constraints
Fabrizio Capobianco, Mauro Mosconi, Lorenzo Pagnin:
Progressive HTTP-based Querying of Remote Databases within the Marmotta Iconic VQS
Paul Carlson, Margaret M. Burnett:
Integrating Algorithm Animation into a Declarative Visual Programming Language
Blaise Muganga, Francois Pacull, Karim R. Mazouni, Armel-D. Wolff:
Visual Programming of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Applications
Dan Vodislav:
Visual Programming for Animation in User Interfaces

(in parallel)

Joseph J. Pfeiffer, Jr.:
Ludwig2: Decoupling Program Representations From Processing Models (HTML with Pictures)
Jun'ichi Miyao, Shi-Kuo Chang:
A Framework of a Visual Language with Dynamic Specification
Georg Lehrenfeld, W. Mueller, Christoph Tahedl:
Transforming SDL Diagrams Into a Complete Visual Representation
Volker Haarslev:
Formal Semantics of Visual Languages Using Spatial Reasoning (HTML with Pictures)
Atsushi Sugiura, Yoshiyuki Koseki:
Creating Database Queries by Demonstration
Jim Gindling, Andri Ioannidou, Jennifer Loh, Olav Lokkebo, Alexander Repenning:
LEGOsheets: A Rule-Based Programming, Simulation and Manipulation Environment for the LEGO Programmable Brick
Takayuki Dan Kimura:
Object-Oriented Dataflow
Allison Woodruff, Michael Stonebraker:
Buffering of Intermediate Results in Dataflow Diagrams

Friday, September 8

Jan Rekers, Andy Schürr:
A Graph Grammar Approach to Graphical Parsing
Mark Minas, Gerhard Viehstaedt:
DiaGen: A Generator for Diagram Editors Providing Direct Manipulation and Execution of Diagrams (HTML with Pictures)
J. Artur Serrano:
The Use of Semantic Constraints on Diagram Editors
Jacopo Maria Corridoni, Alberto Del Bimbo, Dario Lucarella:
Navigation and Visualization of Movies Content

(in parallel)

Alexander Repenning:
Bending the Rules: Steps toward Semantically enriched Graphical Rewrite Rules
Susan M. Üsküdarli, T. B. Dinesh:
Towards a Visual Programming Environment Generator for Algebraic Specifications
Sitt Sen Chok, Kim Marriott:
Automatic Construction of User Interfaces from Constraint Multiset Grammars
Joaquim A. P. Jorge, Ephraim P. Glinert:
Online Parsing of Visual Languages Using Adjacency Grammars
Takeo Igarashi, Satoshi Matsuoka, Toshiyuki Masui:
Adaptive Recognition of Implicit Structures in Human-Organized Layouts
Jürgen Landauer, Masahito Hirakawa:
Visual AWK: A Model for Text Processing by Demonstration
Masami Hagiya, Tomoki Shiratori:
Programming by Example in Computing-as-Editing Paradigm
David G. Hendry:
Display-Based Problems in Spreadsheets: A Critical Incident and a Design Remedy
Eva Hanebutt-Benz:
Word and image in the book in medieaval and early renaissance times

Saturday, September 9

Werner Kuhn:
Pictures that show us the Way: Geographic Information Systems and Visual Languages
Wayne Citrin, Richard Hall, Benjamin Zorn:
Programming with Visual Expressions (HTML with Pictures and Videos)
Elisabeth Freeman, David Gelernter, Suresh Jagannathan:
In Search of a Simple Visual Vocabulary (HTML with Pictures)
Da-Qian Zhang, Kang Zhang:
A Visual Programming Environment for Distributed Systems
Martin Erwig, Bernd Meyer:
Heterogeneous Visual Languages - Integrating Visual and Textual Programming
Andy Schürr, Andreas Winter, Albert Zündorf:
Visual Programming with Graph Rewriting Systems
Paolo Bottoni, Marzia Mariotto, Piero Mussio, Gabriele Biella:
The Design of Anthropocentric Cooperative Visual Environments (additional Pictures)
Sarah Douglas, Christopher Hundhausen, Donna McKeown:
Toward Empirically-Based Software Visualization Languages
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