Index of Contributions in HTML

Mark Minas, Gerhard Viehstaedt:
DiaGen: A Generator for Diagram Editors Providing Direct Manipulation and Execution of Diagrams (HTML with Pictures)
Volker Haarslev:
Formal Semantics of Visual Languages Using Spatial Reasoning (HTML with Pictures)
Yuichi Koike, Yasuyuki Maeda, Yoshiyuki Koseki:
Improving Readability of Iconic Programs with Multiple View Object Representation (HTML with Pictures)
Elisabeth Freeman, David Gelernter, Suresh Jagannathan:
In Search of a Simple Visual Vocabulary (HTML with Pictures)
Guijun Wang, Allen Ambler:
Invocation Polymorphism (HTML with Pictures)
Joseph J. Pfeiffer, Jr.:
Ludwig2: Decoupling Program Representations From Processing Models (HTML with Pictures)
Wayne Citrin, Richard Hall, Benjamin Zorn:
Programming with Visual Expressions (HTML with Pictures and Videos)
Rahman Jamal, Lothar Wenzel:
The Applicability of the Visual Programming Language LabVIEW to Large Real-World Applications (HTML with Pictures)
Henry Lieberman:
The Visual Language of Experts in Graphic Design (HTML with Pictures)
Dietrich Fahrenholtz, Volker Haarslev:
Visualization of StrandTM Processes (additional Videos, HTML with Pictures)
VL '95 Timetable Index of Contributions with Videos (HTML Inline or Additional) or Additional Pictures Proceedings - 11th Intl. Symposium on Visual Languages