Index of Posters

Thomas Kunstmann, Martin Frisch, Robert Müller:
A Declarative Programming Environment Based on Constraints
Massimo Paltrinieri:
A Visual Environment for Constraint Programming
Winfried H. Graf, Stefan Neurohr:
Constraint-Based Layout in Visual Program Design
Paul Carlson, Margaret M. Burnett:
Integrating Algorithm Animation into a Declarative Visual Programming Language
Fabrizio Capobianco, Mauro Mosconi, Lorenzo Pagnin:
Progressive HTTP-based Querying of Remote Databases within the Marmotta Iconic VQS
Dan Vodislav:
Visual Programming for Animation in User Interfaces
Blaise Muganga, Francois Pacull, Karim R. Mazouni, Armel-D. Wolff:
Visual Programming of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Applications
Dietrich Fahrenholtz, Volker Haarslev:
Visualization of StrandTM Processes (additional Videos, HTML with Pictures)
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