Welcome to the
11th Intl. IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages

The tradition on workshops and symposia on Visual Languages is well established. You gather this year, 1995, in Darmstadt, Germany. For me, it was a honour to organize the symposium, for the first time in Germany; and I hope that we succeeded in preparing an attractive program of presentations covering most actual aspects of visual languages as did the organizers of the preceeding ten events during the last eleven years.

76 papers were submitted for reviewing, most of them electronically. The members of the Programme Committee and some additional referees allowed me by their work in reviewing to put together 14 papers for a 30-minute presentation, 27 papers for a 20-minute presentation, and 8 posters. The proceedings which you have in hand document the articles forming the basis of presentation during the symposium. Additionally, three invited talks span the spectrum from a challenging form of visual languages over an important application to historic hand-written and early printed books of the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz. There are three tutorials and two panels, and, I hope, a lot of informal discussions under the participants of the symposium to come during the three and two half days here in Darmstadt. Provisions for demonstrations are prepared for all participants who wish to present their actual work informally.

Presentations are not arranged under specific topics. Every session should bring something of interest for each participant; so, we expect a continuity of attendance from early in the morning to the afternoon.

Hopefully, there is also some time to stroll around in Darmstadt with the Mathildenhöhe, the youth-style arrangements and buildings there, the exhibition at the top of this hill, the Russian Chapel; don't miss the Landesmuseum, just opposite to the conference site, with a youth-style furniture collection, famous painted altar-pieces and the coloured glass windows of former days. The clock strokes from the old tower of the castle, varying melodies, will accompany you when you relax from the technical presentations in the lecture hall. For those who want to see a most spectacular part of Germany, the narrow Rhine river valley with forests on one side and famous vineyards on the other side, the excursion to Bingen and Lorch is a must.

I have to thank a lot of people. The General Chairs, the Committee Members and Additional Reviewers are listed separately. My special thanks go to my colleagues who helped me to organize as Special Chairs the tutorials, key-note talks, panels, posters, and demonstrations, Dr. Gerd Szwillus and Dr. Jürgen F. H. Winkler. Dr. Volker Haarslev did an excellent job as editor of the proceedings; he also helped much to have nearly the whole reviewing and publication process in electronic form speeding up these tasks remarkably. Here in Darmstadt, Dirk Koschorek mastered all organisational matters, file directories, www-pages, impatient people around and all - you name it - what is essential to prepare and run a symposium successfully. Other people from my group, my secretary Marion Braun to identify one person explicitly, did excellent jobs in preparing and, I am sure, in support when the symposium takes place in September. Matthias Köhler is responsible for all financial affairs; you, the participants of the symposium, will make him happy to achieve our budget plan. A symposium needs good submissions, thanks to all; and it needs an interested audience, you certainly will be one!

Once more, welcome to the 1995 Symposium on Visual Languages in Darmstadt; I am glad to have you here, and I hope that you have a pleasant stay and a successful experience for your work when you return at home.

Hans-Jürgen Hoffmann, Programme Chair

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