Constraint-Based Layout in Visual Program Design

Winfried H. Graf,  Stefan Neurohr  

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Automated Layout   Constraint Programming Techniques   Visual Program Design   Incremental Beautification  


In the expanding field of visual programming, layout and design tasks are crucial points. Particularly, knowledge-based editing facilities can be seen as integral parts of the next generation's visual programming tools. One essential drawback of current visual programming environments is their lack of providing adequate tools for maintaining graphical style, legibility, transparency, adaptivity, and consistency of graphical and multimedia presentations in interactive dynamic settings. By the example of InLay, the constraint-based graphical editor of the multimedia layout manager LayLab, we address the incorporation of AI aspects in the visual software design process and the automated layout of informational graphical schemata. Following our previous work on constraint-based graphical layout, we show how advanced constraint processing techniques, such as prioritizing constraints, incremental and dynamic constraint satisfaction, can be widely applied to visual programming and program visualization environments in order to maintain graphical style and consistency for meaningful and adaptive layouts.

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