A Visual Environment for Constraint Programming

Massimo Paltrinieri  

 About the Author


Constraint-programming languages represent an emerging paradigm to solve,flexibly and efficiently, a large class of combinatorial problems called constraint satisfaction problems (CSP). We have abstracted both variables and constraints as defined in the classical CSP to a new, more compact model, called object-oriented constraint satisfaction problem (OOCSP) by introducing several notions, such as attribute, object, class, inheritance and association. The resulting model is much more compact and manageable. We have developed a visual environment for constraint programming, based on the OOCSP model. The system allows to graphically define attributes, objects, classes and associations and to combine them into visual structures. The system covers the full development cycle of constraint-based applications and has been used to effectively solve a number of real-life problems.

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A Declarative Programming Environment Based on Constraints Constraint-Based Layout in Visual Program Design Index of Posters Proceedings - 11th Intl. Symposium on Visual Languages