A Bottom-Up Approach for Visualizing Program Behavior

Hideki Koike,  Manabu Aida  

 About the Authors

Program Visualization   Fractal   L-System   Scheme   Bottom-Up Approach   Visual Tracer  


The visualization of the program execution is very helpful for programmers to understand the program. However, there is a few visualization systems that are used by practical programmers. Because the traditional visualization systems focus on how to make concrete pictures, they are customized for a specific domain and therefore they lose their generality. We propose an alternative framework based on a bottom-up approach. We gave up designing a concrete final picture in a top-down manner. Instead, our system draws an abstract picture as a set of local pictures by looking up local drawing rules. We also introduced a scaling mechanism that prevents overflowing or overdrawing. It also enables us to show naturally the conceptual level of the program. A prototype system is developed using Scheme. Example visualizations are also shown.

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