Adaptive Recognition of Implicit Structures in Human-Organized Layouts

Takeo Igarashi,  Satoshi Matsuoka,  Toshiyuki Masui  

 About the Authors

Card-Handling Editor   Implicit Spatial Structure   Visual Parsing   Human Perception   Link Model   Adaptive Recognition   Genetic Algorithm  


Card-handling using hypertext editor can be a powerful methodology for generation of ideas or understanding of complex problems. To support such activity, recognizing implicit structure in the arrangement of cards would be useful. But, because the structures to be recognized are by nature ambiguous and highly dependent on user-specific perception, it is difficult for conventional rule-based spatial parsing algorithm to achieve this task. We propose techniques for building spatial parser suitable for finding such ambiguous structures based on the mechanics of human perception. Moreover, our parser is adaptively customized to reflect a particular user's preferences through an interactive suggestion process, supported by application of a genetic algorithm.

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