Visual Specification of Branching Time Temporal Logic

Alberto Del Bimbo,  Luigi Rella,  Enrico Vicario  

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Visual Formalism   Visual Specification Languages   Temporal Logic   3D Visualization  


Branching time Temporal Logic is a descriptive language for the specification of ordering relationships characterizing the execution sequencing of time-varying systems. A considerable work has been done around this model, but its acceptance within industrial contexts is still hurdled by the asperity of its notation. A visual language is presented which overcomes this hurdle by embedding the formal nucleus of Temporal Logic within a visual shell. Matching the recursive syntax of the underlying mathematical notation, thevisual formalism is defined through a set of recursive visualization rules, which yield a generative approach to the visualization of any generic textual formula. A system is also presented which exploits the visual formalism to provide a graphic representation of branching time formulae within a 3D virtual space. The system supports an intuitive understanding of the meaning of complex formulae by providing a concrete representation for each of the three inherent dimensions of branching time formulae: time, parallelism and nesting.

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