Improving Readability of Iconic Programs with Multiple View Object Representation

Yuichi Koike,  Yasuyuki Maeda,  Yoshiyuki Koseki  

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Iconic Programming   Readability   Program Complexity   Layout  


One of the most important advantages of iconic pro-gramming language is its readability. In order to improve the readability of complicated iconic programs with many wire intersections and loops, we introduce a technique called *Multiple View Object representation*. It enables that one program component can be represented as a number of nodes, that is, it provides the layout flexibility. By using the flexibility, programmers can transform a complicated iconic program into a number of simple iconic programs. An iconic programming system was implemented based on the technique and evaluated through practical application construction. The evalua-tion illustrated that the technique greatly reduces anti-readability factors, such as loops and wire intersections, of complicated programs.

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