Fundamentals of Computer Visualization

Gitta (Kienegger-)Domik  

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We will not be concerned with the actual programming of visualization techniques, or with underlying computer graphics algorithms (neither for 2d, 3d, nor volume visualization).

Who should attend?

This tutorial is an introductory course to computer visualization. It is aimed at researchers of all areas who want to start using visualization concepts and techniques. The tutorial is also recommended for researchers or lecturers who want to update their understanding of visualization. The proficiencies of the participants can be characterized as "beginners" with respect to visualization, and "intermediate" with computer graphics.

Speaker Biography

Gitta (Kienegger-)Domik is Professor at the University of Paderborn, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. She was previously Research Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Other employment was with the Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy at the University of Colorado (1987-1990), Vexcel Corporation in Boulder (1985-1987), and the Institute for Image Processing and Computer Graphics (1982-1985) in Graz, Austria. Her M.Sc. (Distributed Data Bases) at the Graz University of Technology (Austria) in 1981 was followed by a Ph.D. (Simulation and Analysis of Scientific Data) at the same University in 1985. Her research interests are in the area of visualization concepts and techniques, user interface design, and scientific data analysis. Dr. (Kienegger-)Domik is chair of the subcommittee on "Education for Visualization" of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee. She organized several workshops during the last three years on "An Agenda for Education in Visualization" and summarized their outcome in several publications. She has teaching experience in Visualization, Computer Graphics and Image Processing courses and seminars both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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