Technology policy and risk analysis require teaming with experts and locating interesting problems in technical fields. As a researcher, I focus on determining the impact of policies and policy responses to shocks to regulated systems and developing policy solutions to those shocks. I've teamed with researchers at Concordia, Battelle Memorial Institute and US EPA to develop systems models to explore policy solutions. For example, I've developed systems models to explore the economic and societal impacts of terrorism, and the health impacts of seafood consumption. I've  also teamed with others to explore risks as diverse as electromagnetic interference in hospital settings and earthquakes. I also explore policies directly, evaluating the drivers of water regulation and understanding how engineering accreditation standards in Canada are implemented as courses.

From these topics, the broad themes I am interested in are how policies shape outcomes, and what forces shape these policies. To conduct this research, the general tools I use are

  • Systems models

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Risk-benefit models