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Uninterrupted service, even in the most complex software and computing systems, has become a fundamental consumer expectation. Consider, for instance, the internet and related servers such as Google; end users require such systems to work correctly, efficiently and consistently. Achieving good performance, reliability and high availability for complex computing systems is a significant challenge. Such systems are currently constructed from Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, and configured and deployed on complex middlewares, such as SAForum based middleware. Management of these systems and their deployment platforms is of critical importance.

This program of research proposes to investigate modeling languages for platforms, requirements, software and system characteristics, and development of novel techniques for requirement decomposition and COTS components selection/configuration, the quality and functionality of component-based complex systems will be considerably improved. New methodologies for the validation, deployment, monitoring, dynamic reconfiguration and upgrade of such systems while maintaining critical characteristics, such as high availability, will also be explored.

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