He who hasn't hacked assembly language as a youth has no heart. He who does as an adult has no brain.
  • John Moore, playing on the French saying that "He who is not a Socialist at 20 has no heart. He who at 40 is a Socialist has no brain."
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Title Media Type
Slice Extraction Windows Media Video (wmv) 1:36 1024x768
Slice Extraction Shockwave Flash (swf) 1:36 1024x768
Type Checking Elimination  Windows Media Video (wmv)  4:09 1024x768
Type Checking Elimination Shockwave Flash (swf) 4:09 1024x768
Extract Class Shockwave Flash (swf) 3:17 1280x720
Feature Envy Evolution Analysis Shockwave Flash (swf) 2:17 1280x720







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