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JDeodorant offers a flexible calculator for slice-based cohesion metrics.

Just right-click on a method from Package Explorer and click on Slice-based Cohesion Metrics... from the menu.
The calculator will automatically compute the slices for all the variables which are declared within the body of the selected method and visually present the resulting slice profile.
The user can enable/disable any variable from the slice profile by checking/unchecking the checkboxes on the right part of the dialog screen.
The statements which are common to all enabled slices are highlighted in green color.
The slice-based cohesion metrics (overlap, tightness, coverage) are dynamically re-calculated after each modification of the slice profile.

More details about slice-based cohesion metrics can be found in paper:
L. M. Ott, and J. J. Thuss, “Slice-based metrics for estimating cohesion,” First International Software Metrics Symposium, Baltimore, MD, USA, pp. 71-81, 1993.

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