Biography - Dr. Michelle Nokken

Dr. Michelle Nokken is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering. She obtained BASc and PhD degrees from the University of Toronto in 1999 and 2004, respectively. 

Dr. Nokken's received several awards during her doctoral research including two consectutive NSERC post-graduate scholarships and a fellowship from the Portland Cement Association.

Prior to attending the University of Toronto for her BASc and PhD degrees, Dr. Nokken worked in industry for several years. She was involved in projects such as: research concerning sustainable development projects; energy analysis of single and multi-family residential housing; design of passive solar, straw bale and log homes. 

Membership : American Concrete Institute - Member, Faculty Network, Member, Committee 231 "Early Age Properties", Research in Progress session moderator (2003-Present), Ontario Chapter Vice President (2004), Director (2001-2004). American Society of Civil Engineers. Professional Engineers of Ontario (EIT).