NAME:                                                  Rama B. BHAT


DATE OF BIRTH:                                October 2, 1943


STATUS:                                               Professor

                                                                Mechanical Engineering

                                                                Full-Time, Tenured


CITIZENSHIP:                                      Canadian


DEGREES:                                            B.Eng. (Mechanical), Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Srinivasanagar, University of Mysore, India, 1966.

M.Tech. (Mechanical), Indian Institute of  Technology,Madras, India, 1968

Ph.D. (Mechanical), Indian Institute of   Technology, Madras, India, 1973.






June 1988-Present                          Professor, Department of Mechanical    Engineering,       Concordia University, Montreal


June 1983-May 1988                       Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical

                                                                Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal


 Jan. 1981-May 1983                        Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical

                                                                Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal


April 1979-Dec. 1980                       Research Assistant Professor, Department of

                                                                Mechanical Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal


April 1978-March 1979                   Visiting Scientist, George Washington University at  NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia


April 1976-March 1978                   Resident Research Associate, National Research

Council of U.S.A., at NASA Langely           Research             Center, Hampton, Virginia







July 1972-March 1976                     Senior Engineer, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center,  Indian Space Research Organization, Trivandrum, India


April 1974-March 1975                   Research Fellow, Institute of Sound and               Vibration Research, University of Southampton,  Southampton, U.K.


May 1971-June 1972                       Associate Lecturer, Department of Applied  Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology,                 Madras, India


July 1968-April 1971                         Research Fellow, Indian Institute of  Technology,                                                                                                              Madras, India




1.            Vice Provost, Academic Relations, 2008-2011

2.            Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, 1/6/2008 – 31/7/2008

3.            Associate Dean, Graduate Programmes & Research, 2004-2008

4.            Member, Concordia University Governing Board, 2003-2008

5.            Chair, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, 2000-2003

6.            Associate Dean, Graduate Programmes & Research, 1998-2000

7.            Member of Joint Grievance Committee, 1999-2000

8.            Graduate Program Director, 1988-1990, 1992-1994.

9.            Member of Department Personnel Committee, 1996-1998

10.          Member, Faculty Space Committee, 1995-1998

11.          Grievance Officer, Concordia University Faculty Association, 1997-1998

12.          Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 1991-92.




Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada

Fellow, Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering

Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India)

Fellow, Acoustical Society of India

Member, Canadian Acoustical Society

Member, Indian Society for technical Education






1.            An award by NASA Langley Research Center for the work on "PROSSS     PROGRAMMING STRUCTURED SYNTHESIS SYSTEM", April 14, 1983.

2.            Elected Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada, 2004.

3.            Elected fellow of Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, 2001.

4.            Elected Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India), 1984.

5..           Elected Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1992

6.            Elected Fellow of Acoustical Society of India, 1994

7.            Honorary Fellow of the Academy of General Education, Manipal, India, 1987.

8.            Invited to visit educational and research institutions in India under United Nations Development Program in 1986.




1.            Chair, Conference Organizing Committee, Canadian Acoustical Association Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, October 9-12, 2007.

2.            President, Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, 2004-2006

3.            Senior Vice President, Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, 2002-2004

4.            Vice President, CSME Quebec Section, 2000-2002.

5.            Founder President, ASME Quebec Section, 1997-98.

6.            Faculty Advisor, ASME Student Section, Concordia University, 1997-1999.

7.            Chair, CSME International Conference on Multidisciplinary Design in Engineering, November 20-               22, 2001.

8.            Member, Organizing Committee, CSME International Conference on Future of Engineering Education, Concordia University, February 16-18, 2003.

9.            Chair, Local Organization Committee, IEEE Conference on Control and Automation, June 10-12, 2003, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

10.          Member of Conference Technical Committee, 12th ASME Biennial Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise, Montreal, 1989.

11.          Reviewed Technical papers for Trans. ASME, Trans. CSME, IMACS Journal, CANCAM Conference, Journal of Sound and Vibration.

12.          Served as Session Organizer and Session Chairman in several International Conferences.

13.          Delivered invited lectures in universities in U.S.A., Argentina and India.


V.            COURSES TAUGHT :




MECH 443: Mechanical Vibrations

MECH 431: Principles of Aeroelasticity

ENGR 274:  Modeling and Analysis of Physical Systems

ENGR 243:  Dynamics

EMAT 39l:  Numerical Methods in Engineering

ENGR 233: Applied Advanced Calculus

ENGR 22l:  Materials Science

ENGR 213:  Technical Drawing

MECH 211: Mechanical Engineering Drawing




ENGR 6311: Mechanical Vibrations

MECH 6481: Principles of Aeroelasticity

MECH 6301: Vibration Problems in Rotating Machinery

MECH 6901: Modal Analysis in Mechanical Systems & Applications

ENGR 7331: Random Vibrations

ENGR 6301: Advanced Dynamics




1.            Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Engage Grant Program, Rotor Dynamic Acceptance Crit3eria Assessment, $25,000, 2012.

2.            FQRNT Equipe Grant, Quantification de la differentiation cellulaire chez les plantes par une approche morphodynamique informatique, $150,000.00 2012-2015.

3.            Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Individual Discovery Grant, Amount: $18,000.00/year for 2008-2009

4.            Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Individual Discovery Grant, Amount: $28,000.00/year for 2007-2008.

5.            Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Individual Discovery Grant, Amount: $28,000.00/year for 2003-2007.

4.            NSERC Equipment grant, “Optical vibro-meter for MEMS dynamic characterization”, $147,748, 2006-2007 (Bhat R.B., Packirisamy M., Narayanaswamy S.R., Rakheja S., and PI is Stiharu I.)




Ph.D. (Completed)


17.          Saeedi Khodabakhsh, Influence of Rotating Tire Dynamics on Vehicle System Vibrations”

                August 6, 2012


16.          R. Ul Alam Uzzal, “Analysis of a Three Demensional Railway Vehicle Track System and Development of a Smart Wheelset

                March 5, 2012

                Co-supervisor: A.K.W. Ahmed


15.          E. Balasubramanian, “Modeling and Robust Control of Two Collaborative Robot Manipulators Handling a Flexible Object”

                March 24, 2011

                Co-supervisor: Chun Yi Su


14.          A. Amalorpavasamy, “Development of Dynamic Pressure Sensor for High Temperature Applications”

                September 17, 2010

                Co-supervisor: I. Stiharu


13.          S. Bashmal, “Analytical and Experimental Studies on Inplane Vibrations and Noise of Rolling Disks Subject to Nonhomogeneous Constraints”,

                June 14, 2010

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


12.          A. Alazzam, “Hybrid Flow through Microchannels for Blood Cell Separation”,

                April 27, 2010

                Co-supervisor: I. Stiharu


11.          S. Fallah, “New Dynamic Modeling and Practical Control Design  for MacPherson Suspension System“,

                March 1, 2010

                Co-supervisor: W. Xie


10.          M. Chikh Alsouk, “Optimu Design and Control of Hydraulic Systems Driven by Swash Plate Pumps Using Vibration Based Diagnosis”,

                June 27, 2008


9.            A. Bonakdar, “Grasping Contact Analysis of Viscoelastic Materials for Design and Development of  an Endoscopic Tactile Sensor”,

                September 14, 2007

                Co-supervisor: J. Dargahi


8.            M. Sabour, Creep-Fatigue Interaction in Aircraft Gas Turbine Components by Simulation and      Testing at Scaled Temperatures”,

                February 28, 2005

                Co-supervisor: H. Moustapha


7.            C. Lepage, “A Tight two-Way Fluid Structure Coupling for Aeroelastic Computations in the Time Domain”,

                May 2004

                Co-supervisor: W.Habashi


6.            H. Al-Wedyan, “Control of Whirling vibrations in BTA Deep Hole Boring Process using Fuzzy Logic Modeling and Active Suppression Technique”,

                April 2004

                Co-supervisor: K. Demirli


5.            M.K. Bahr, “Dynamics and Control of Variable Displacement Pumps with Conical Cylinder Blocks”,

                January 2003

                Co-supervisor: J. Svoboda


4.            Muthukumaran Packirisamy, “Boundary Conditioning Concept Applied to the Synthesis of Microsystems Using Fuzzy Logic Approach”,

                March 2000

                Co-Supervisor: Ion Stiharu,


3.            Ashok Kaushal, “Comprehensive Dynamic Analysis of a Bladed Disk Turborotor Bearing System”,

                May 1992


2.            Santosh Neriya, “Dynamic Behaviour of geared Rotor Systems Subjected to Internal and external Excitations”,

                July 1987

                Co-supervisor: T. S. Sankar


1.            Rajagopal Subbiah, “Dynamic Behaviour of Rotor Systems with a Comprehensive Model for the Hydrodynamic Bearing Supports Using Modal Analysis and Testing”,

                September 1985

                Co-supervisor: T. S. Sankar,


M.A.Sc. (Completed)


35.          Pranav Ashtaputre, “Dynamic Behaviour of Microcantilevers Subjected to Fluid-Structure Interaction Using Mode Summation Method,

                January 11, 2012

                Co-supervisor: Muthukumaran Packirisamy


34.          Raghdan Al-Khoury,  Reduction of Discrete and Finite Element Models using Boundary Characteristic Orthogonal Vectors”,

                September 22, 2008


33.          Joydip Sanyal,  Dynamic Response of Geared Shaft Systems with Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions Subjected to Static Transmission Error”,

                December 12, 2007


32.          Chien-Yu, “Lateral-Axial Coupling and Boundary Conditioning of Vibrating Strings and Cables”,

                June 22, 2007


31.          Juan Melchor Baca Vasquez, “Optimally Tuned Secondary System with Viscous Damping for Vibration Suppression in Torsional Systems”,

                June 21, 2007


30.          Yasser Rafat, “Ride Vibration Analysis of a Guided Pneumatic Tired Subway Car”,

                June 12, 2007

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


29.          Mashiul Alam, “Modal Characteristics of Satellite Appendages using On-Orbit Output-Only Modal Testing”,

                May 17, 2007

                Co-supervisor: R. Sedaghati


28.          Yunqiang Li, “Modeling and Testing the Static and Dynamic Behavior of MEMS Deformable Microstructures with Multiple Electrodes”,

                April 11, 2007.

                Co-supervisor: M. Packirisamy


27.          Vaibhav Rawat, “Active Independent Front Steering for Yaw-Rate Control and Tire Work-Load Equalization in Road Vehicles”,

                March 6, 2007

                Co-supervisor: W. Ahmed


26.          Sagar Chandrakant Kadam, “Static and Dynamic Analysis of Twist Drills Subjected to Cutting Loads”,

                January 25, 2007.


25.          Anand Gopalakrishnan, “Orbital Dynamics Analysis and scale Model Testing of Galloping Transmission Lines”,

                November 16, 2006.


24.          Shun-Hong Long, “Active Control of Shimmy Oscillations in Aircraft Landing Gears”,

                September 28, 2006.

                Co-supervisor: W. Xie


23.          Rakesh Kalyanaraman, “Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Structures”,

                June 2006

                Co-supervisor: M. Packirisamy


22.          Xu Shi Jie, “Modeling and Parametric Analysis of Micro Thermal Actuators”,

                June 20, 2005

                Co-supervisor: I. Stiharu


21.          N. Lakshminarayana, “Analysis of Hand Arm Vibrations in Hand Held Rotating Machinery”,

                April 2005

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


20.          Aniket Deodhar, “Ride Dynamic Response of commercial Vehicles Subjected to Wheel Unbalance and Non-uniformity Effects”,

                April 14, 2005

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


19.          N. Komanduri, “Dynamic Analysis of Drill Shaft Drive Assembly Subjected to Cutting Loads”

                February 23, 2005


18.          Bajic Marko, “Dynamic Interactions between Bicycle and the Rumble Strips”,

                January 2005.

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


17.          Kuppar Avinash Bhaskar, “Synthesis of Electrostatically Actuated Optical Micromirrors”, October 2004

                Co-supervisor: M. Packirisamy


16.          Akhavanbazaz Massoud, "Design, Analysis, Testing and Development of a Thermoacoustic System for Refrigerator Applications",

                September 2004

                Co-supervisor: K. Siddiqui


15.          Jha Anshuman,  Dynamic Testing of Structures Using Scale Models”,

                August 2004

                Co-supervisor: R. Sedaghati


14.          Deping Li, “Servo Controlled Swash Plate Axial Piston Pumps Operating under Variable Load Demands with Application to Rolling Mills”

                October 2003.

                Co-supervisor: J. Svoboda


13.          Yao Ying, “Sound Transmission through Panels using Element Free Galerkin Technique”

                June 2003


12.          Shengmei Wang, “Design and Development Studies on a Six-Degree Freedom Endoscopic Force/Torque Sensor”

                June 2003

                Co-supervisor: J. Dargahi


11.          Ahmed El-Kaied,  Study of Hand Transmitted Vibration from Hand-held Rotary Power Tool”

                March 2003

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


10.          Azubuike Okwuobi, “Curve Veering and a Parametric Study of Stiction in Capacitive Micromechanical Systems Subjected to Electrostatic and Casimir Forces”

                June 2002

                Co-supervisor: I. Stiharu


9.            Xiangyu Xie,  Absorbed Power in Whole Body Vibration as a Measure of Vibration Exposure  in Vehicles”

                June 2001

                Co-supervisor: Paul-Emille Boileau


8.            Ashok Kaushal, “Dynamic Analysis of rotating Structures”, 

                August 1985


7.            Muhammad Babar Khan, “Vibration Analysis of rotary Arm Actuator and Rotor in Computer Hard Disk Drive”, 

                February 1989


6.            Sowmitra Chowdhury, “Design Synthesis and Testing of a Capacitive Type Pressure Transducer using Micro-machining Techniques”,

                November 1993

                Co-supervisor: Richard Cheng, 


5.            Kun Wang, :Dynamic Analysis of a Tracked Snowploughing Vehicle and Assessment of Ride Quality”,

                August 1998

                Co-supervisor: S. Rakheja


4.            Chandrashekhar Rao Polali, “Analytical and experimental Investigation of the Existence of Simultaneous Forward and Backward whirling Motion of Jeffcot Rotor Supported on Hydrodynamic Bearing”,

                August 1993


3.            Gautam Mundkur, “Response of Structures to Impact Loads Using Elastic and Plastic Analysis”, 

                May 1992


2.            Faisal Oueslati, “A Comparative Study of Advanced Suspensions Based on an In-Plane Vehicle Model”,

                February 1990

                Co-supervisor: Seshadri Sankar


1.            Anil Dhir, “Ride Dynamics of Heavy Vehicles Usinf Local Equivalent LinearizationTechnique”,

                March 1988

                Co-supervisor: Seshadri Sankar





Ali Fellah-Jahromi *                         PhD(F)  4/2010  In Progress


Abouobaia Ehab*                            PhD(F)  2/2011  In Progress


Mufta Saleh*                                     PhD(F)  8/2012  In Progress

Sanati-Nezhad Amir *                    PhD(F)  4/2009  In Progress

Fouad Koudsi*                                  PhD(P)  9/2010  In Progress

Schojalsadati Mohammad*         MASc(F)               9/2011  In Progress

Razi Mohammad                              MASc(F)               6/2012  In Progress

Ajinkya Gharapurkar                      MASc(F)               9/2012  In Progress


Ahmed Atia                                        MASc(F)               2/2011  In Progress


*             Co-supervised, F-Full Time, P-Part Time




Total Number of Refereed Journal Publications:                 131  


Total Number of Refereed Conference:                                 155


Total Number of Other Publications:                                       3


Total Number of Books Published:                                           3


Total Number of Contributions to Books:                              2




Articles Published


131.        Kalyanaraman R, Rinaldi G., Packirisamy M. and Bhat R.B., “Equivalent Area Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Electrostatically Actuated Microstructures”, Microsystem Technologies, DOI: 10.1007/s00542-012-1621-y, (in print in the paginated journal issue), Springer-Verlab, July 2012.


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Papers presented and Published in proceedings:


155.        Asthana C.B. and Bhat R.B., “A Novel Design of Landing Gear Oleo Strut Damper Using MR Fluid for Aircraft and UAVs”, Recent Advances in Aerospace Technology, AEROTECH IV, Kuala Lumpur, November 21-22, 2012.


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