Peer-Reviewed Presentations

  • Demystifying Stablecoins: Cryptography meets monetary policy
    Ethereum Community Conference 3, Paris, France, 2020
  • Recent developments in designing price-stable cryptocurrencies
    HackFest, Quebec City, 2019
  • Understanding digital certificate cybercrime exploitation and decentralizing the web using Ethereum blockchain
    HackFest, Quebec City, 2018
  • Ghazal: toward truly authoritative web certificates using Ethereum
    Blockchain Technology Symposium - from Hype to Reality, University of Toronto, Canada, 2018

Invited Talks and Panels

  • Demystifying Stablecoins
    SecRev - The Security Revolution from Montreal, Montreal, Canada, 2020
  • Demystifying Stablecoins
    Blockchain Technology Symposium, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Canada, 2020
  • Blockchain Panel
    ITConnect Cybersecurity, Champlain College St-Lambert, Canada, 2019
  • Decentralizing Domain Name Validations Using Ethereum
    SecRev - The Security Revolution from Montreal, Montreal, Canada, 2018
  • Blockchain Fundamentals
    Data Intelligence Society of Concordia (DISC) and Concordia Fintech Society, Montreal, Canada, 2018