Montreal Restaurants and Nightlife

Montreal has a large number of excellent restaurants that serve up a wide variety of cuisines and cater to a range of budgets. The city has a lot of street life and is very safe to explore at all hours of day and night. The public transport system runs until 1 a.m. and taxis are easy to hail on busy streets.


Montrealers love to go out, and there are many lively neighborhoods with very distinctive flavors. Some neighborhoods with a lot of streetlife and restaurants are:

Iconic dishes and restaurants

Montreal's iconic dishes include poutine and smoked meat . Montreal also has many bistros; one iconic restaurant is is l'Express , but there are many others. A newer restaurant with a lot of buzz is Au Pied de Cochon . The most recent rage is food trucks : a particularly acclaimed one is Grunman78 which is at Place des Festivals next week.

Restaurant reviews

Urbanspoon appears to be the reviewing destination of choice in Montreal. You can find reviews for their most popular restaurants . Classified by price range, they are: The website also has reviews classified by neighborhood and cuisine. The neighborhoods close to the conference center and hotels are downtown , Golden Square Mile . It might also be worth checking out Latin Quarter , Old Montreal , and Plateau Mont-Royal , as these are also interesting neighborhoods with many restaurants.

Lesley Chesterman, the fine dining critic for the Montreal Gazette, writes about her top restaurants of 2012 . See her abbreviated list below.

The conference center has a list of nearby restaurants.

Below is Lata's list of favorite restaurants of 2013-13. All these places are vegetarian-friendly, in that they have decent vegetarian choices, and most are moderately priced.