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Main equipment available in our research group


Here a short list of the major equipment available in our research group:

Atomic Force Microscope
  • Home built atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Scanning range of a few microns
  • Made in the frame of a Capstone project (details coming soon) in collaboration with Dr. Ashwin Lal from the group of Prof. Grütter at Mc-Gill University.

SACE micro-machining facility
  • Home built micro-machining facility for glass using electrochemical discharges
  • Drilling and 2D machining
  • Integrated CNC for complex shapes
Glass micro-machining facility, SACE (Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving)

Nanoparticle fabrication setup
  • Home built facility
  • Fabrication of metallic nano-particles based on electrochemical discharges
  • from a few nm to a few microns
Nano particle synthesis station

Electrochemical test-rig
  • standard electrochemical techniques
  • +/-45V or +/-16V
  • +/- 1.5 A max (45 V range)
    +/- 4 A max (16 V range)
Electrochemical test-rig

General chemical workbench


General chemical workbench