Wahab Hamou-Lhadj
PhD (Ottawa Univ), ing. (OIQ)

I am a Full Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, Concordia University.

My research focuses on the opportunities at the intersection of Software Engineering and Data Analytics. I am particularly interested in approaches that harness the wealth of information in software traces and logs (commonly known as machine data) to support software development and operations, software evolution and analytics, security monitoring, and operational intelligence tasks.

I have led many research and development projects with various organizations including Ericsson, CAE, Ubisoft, Marivent, Opal-RT, DRDC (Defence R&D Canada), and the Canadian Department of National Defence. These projects have received generous funding from NSERC, FQRNT, MITACS, CRIAQ, Aero-Montreal, and Concordia University.

I am fortunate to work with a great team of talented students and professionals. Together, we evaluate and apply techniques from Software and System Modeling, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Stochastic Processes to develop solutions with practical requirements in mind, and several of our original tools have been successfully transferred to our collaborators from industry and government.

I am a founding member of the Software Engineering Research Center (SERC). The center's mission is to "participate to the knowledge-based economy through innovative, cutting-edge software engineering research, and active industry and government engagement." Refer to SERC's website for more details.

My teaching spans from programming courses to graduate courses in computer and software engineering including a graduate course on model-driven software engineering that I have developed.

I review research papers for many software engineering journals such as TSE, EMSE, IST, and JSS. I have also served on the organization and technical program committees of various software engineering conferences including ICSME, ICPC, WCRE, SANER, ICSE, MODELS, etc.

I serve on the board of content developers for the OMG (Object Management Group) certification programs, OCUP2 (OMG Certified UML Professional) and OCEB2 (OMG Certified Expert in BPM). I am a board member of the Governing Council of ITAC Business Technology Management Forum. I am also a member of IEEE , ACM, and SDL Forum.

Recent Publications


  • Log Analytics for Operational Intelligence, Ubisoft, MITACS
  • Advancing Logging Practices in Software Engineering, NSERC
  • Mining Code Commits for Enhanced Software Quality, Ubisoft, NSERC
  • D2K-From Data To Knowledge for Better System Maintenance, Ericsson, MITACS
  • OpenSim: An Open Architecture for Aircraft Simulation Integration and Monitoring Methods Using the HLA Standard, Marinvent, NSERC
  • Tools and Infrastructure for OpenSim, Marinvent, CRIAQ, Aero-Connect, NSERC
  • Advanced Host-level Surveillance, DRDC, NSERC
  • Integrated Anomaly Detection Models and Techniques, DRDC, NSERC
  • Improving Software Maintenance through Advanced Trace Abstraction Techniques, NSERC
  • Kernel Tracing Techniques for Anomaly Detection in the Context of Redundancy and Diversity, DRDC, NSERC
  • Program Comprehension through Dynamic Analysis, NSERC
  • The Analysis of Execution Traces for Program Comprehension, FQRNT
  • Online Surveillance of Critical Computer Systems through Advanced Host-based Detection, Ericsson, DRDC, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, University of Toronto, ETS
  • Cyber Surveillance of Information Systems, DRDC
  • AVIO 508-Diagnostics for Real Time Distributed Multi-core Architecture in Avionics, CAE, OPAL-RT, NSERC, CRIAQ, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
  • Tracing and Monitoring Tools for Distributed Multi-Core Systems, Ericsson, DRDC, NSERC, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, University of Ottawa
  • Building a Linux Kernel-Based Attack Taxonomy, DRDC

Latest News

November 2018. Dr. Hamou-lhadj was invited to participate in the "Colloque du scientifique en chef en collaboration avec Ubisoft La Forge -Entreprise, université, société : la synergie des savoirs," organized by Fonds de Recherche du Quebec (FQR) and Ubisoft.
November 2018. Our paper on "Exploiting Parts-of-Speech for effective automated requirements traceability," is now published in Elsevier Journal of Information & Software Technology (IST).
November 2018. Students Mathieu Nayrolles (PhD) and Sama Khosravifar (MASc) at the fall graduation ceremony.
October 2018. Dr. Hamou-Lhadj gave a keynote panelist talk on "From Debugging to Repair: A Look at the Practice of Logging," at ISSRE's International Workshop on Debugging and Repair (IDEAR'18), Memphis, TN, USA.
October 2018. Congratulations to Sama Khosravifar for defending successfully her Master's thesis. Sama's work is on designing trace-based anomaly detection techniques using multi-agent systems.
September 2018. PhD student Mathieu Nayrolles featured in a Concordia STEM SIGHT article.
August 2018. Our project with Ubisoft featured on the screens of the metro of Montreal:
August 2018. Congratulations to postdoc Dr. Fabio Petrillo for his new position as an Associate Professor at l'Universite du Quebec.