Research Group


  1. Dr. Rizwan Ahmad - Postdoc Fellow: December 2010 - present  (University of Qatar)
  2. Dr. Bahattin Karakaya - Postdoc Fellow: December 2010 - present  (University of Qatar)
  3. Dr. Karama Hamdi - Postdoc Fellow : February 2011 - present  (University of Qatar)
  4. Dr. Ismail Shakeel - Postdoc Fellow: November 2009 - July 2010  (University of Qatar)
  5. Dr. Amine Maaref - Postdoc Fellow: September 2009 - November 2009.
  6. Dr. Xiangnian Zeng -Postdoc Fellow (McGill University): September 2008 - May 2009(co-supervised by Dr. I. Psaromiligkos)
  7. Dr. Keyvan Zarifi - Postdoc Fellow: September 2007 - December 2010(co-supervised by Dr. S. Affes of INRS)

Current Graduate Students

  1. Sinh Nguyen, PhD student (Sept. 2009 - present)
  2. Meisam Rakhshanfar, PhD student (May 2010 - present) (co-supervised by Dr. A. Amer)
  3. Xuehua Zhang, PhD student (May 2010 - present) (co-supervised by Dr. M. Hasna, Qatar University)
  4. Ali Afana, PhD student (Sept. 2010 - present)
  5. Saed Daoud, PhD student (Jan. 2011 - present)
  6. Zied Bouida, PhD student (Sept. 2011 - present)

Former PhD Students

[1]    Mohamed Elfituri, Ph.D., April 2009
        Thesis Title: 
Distributed-based convolutional coding for relay channels (co-supervised with Dr. Hamouda )
        Currentlywith Barrett Broadband Networks, Woodstock, NB, Canada

[2]   Xiangnian Zeng, PhD, August 2008
Thesis Title: Carrier frequency offset estimation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems 
        CurrentlyPostdoc at McGill University, Montreal, Canada   

[3]    Abdollah Sanei, Ph.D., January 2006
        Thesis Title: 
Antenna selection for space-time trellis codes over Rayleigh fading channels  (co-supervised with Dr. Shayan)
        Currently: an Assistant Professor in Iran

Former MASc Students

[4]    Xuehua Zhang, MASc, March 2010
        Thesis Title: 
On relay assignment for cooperative systems (co-supervised by Dr. M. Hasna, Qatar University)
        CurrentlyPhD student,  Concordia University

[5]    Farrokh Etezadi, MASc, January 2010
        Thesis Title: 
Achievable rates of iterative MIMO receivers over interference channels (co-supervised by Dr. L. Szczecinski of INRS)
        CurrentlyPhD student, University of Toronto

[6]    Ghaleb Al-Habian, MASc, February 2009
        Thesis Title: 
Controlling error propagation in cooperative networks
        Currentlywith Ericsson, Montreal, Canada

[7]    Jeyadeepan Jeganathan, MASc, August 2008
Thesis Title: Space shift keying modulation for MIMO channels (co-supervised by Dr. L. Szczecinski of INRS)
        Currently: with Ericsson, Montreal, Canada 

[8]    Pooyan Haghighat, MASc, July 2008
Thesis Title: Trickle-based interference cancellation techniques for CDMA systems
        Currently: with Centennial Academy, Montreal, Canada 

[9]    May Gomaa, MASc, December 2007
Thesis Title: Multilayered space-time coding for MIMO systems
Currently : with Nortel Networks, Montreal, Canada 

[10]   Mohammed Ghazal, MASc, June 2006
Thesis Title: Structure-oriented directional approaches to video noise estimation and reduction(co-supervised with Dr. Amer)
        Currently : PhD student at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 

[11]   Gaurav Mandhare, MASc, May 2006
Thesis Title: Distributed power control algorithms for WCDMA cellular systems
   Currently: was with Nortel, Ottawa; now with TELUS, Toronto, Canada.

[12]   Hao Shen, MASc, April 2005
        Thesis Title: 
Analysis of the outage probability for wireless communication systems with multiple antennas
Currently: with General Electric - Hisoft, Montreal, Canada

[13]   Mohamed Abou-Khousa, MASc, December 2004
        Thesis Title:
Multipath detection for CDMA systems(co-supervised with Dr. El-Tarhuni, AUS, UAE)
        Currently : PhD student at the University of Missouri at Rolla, USA

[14]   Chuan Xiu Huang, MASc, November 2004
        Thesis Title:
Improved SOVA and APP decoding algorithms for concatenated codes
Currently: with Motorola, Peijen, China

[15]   Xiangn ian Zeng, MASc, August 2004
        Thesis Title:
Combined channel coding and orthogonal space-time block coding for MIMO systems: Antenna selection and performance bounds
        Currently : PhD student at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada