Dr. Anjali Awasthi is Full Professor and Concordia University Research Chair (Tier-II) in Connected Sustainable Mobility Systems at Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE), in Concordia University, Montreal. She received a PhD in industrial engineering and automation from INRIA Rocquencourt and University of Metz, France and a Masters in Industrial and Management Engineering from IIT Kanpur, India. Prior to Concordia, Dr. Awasthi worked at University of British Columbia and University of Laval where she was involved in several projects on industrial applications of operations research. In France, she was involved in many European projects aimed at improving urban mobility in cities, city logistics and on cybernetic transportation systems. Her areas of research are modeling and simulation, data mining, Information Technology and decision making, sustainable logistics planning, quality assurance in supply chain management and sustainable supply chain management. She is currently serving as the Education Chair for CORS (Canadian Operations Research Society), a senior member of ASQ (American Society for Quality), associate of LSRC (Loyola Sustainability Research Center), and regular member of CIRRELT (Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche sur les Reseaux d'Entreprise, la Logistique et le Transport). She is also the recipient of Eldon Gunn service award (CORS 2018, Halifax) and IEOM Special Recognition Award (4th North American Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Toronto, 2019).

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