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INSE 6150: Security Evaluation Methodologies (Winter 2015)
Fridays, 17:45–20:15, H-1070

Course Outline

This course essentially covers how to evaluate the security of X, where X could be anything from a cryptographic protocol to a hardware chip to a large software system like an operating system to a service like email. A tentitve schedule is outlined below.

Students are responsible for attending the lectures and taking notes.


The lectures are based, in part, on the following books. None are required but may be useful for further reading. Exams and assignments will be based on what is presented during the lectures, with the textbooks providing additional detail and formalization:

Scribe Notes

If you wish, you can opt into creating scribe notes for one lecture by emailing me by Jan 16. (We have enough scribes now) Scribe notes will be marked out of 5, and scribing will entitle you to skip doing either assignment. Scribe notes should convey the material presented in the lecture to a degree that is sufficient for somone who did not attend the lecture.

Scribe notes are due one week after the lecture being scribed. Scribe notes should be human-readable (LaTeX, word processor, image of handwritten notes) and in PDF format. They will be marked by the TA, Shayan Eskandari. Email to and cc me as well so I can post them. Toward the end of the course, starting at a time TBA, we may implement two scribes per lecture to ensure everyone has a lecture to scribe. In this case, scribe notes are to be done individually.


Students are responsible for attending the lectures and taking notes. No lecture notes will be provide outside of what is taught in class. For further background and reference, see the supplimentary materials provided for each lecture.

Scribes (in random order): Ashish Kumar Macharla, Shravani Vallapureddy, Yaya Traore, Nazanin Rezvani, Dallas Hoekstra, Rocio Beatriz Ayala Meza, Kpobly Nadine Audrey Djifa Edem, Sphoorthy Reddy, Oresanya Oladimeji Emmanuel, Naresh Bandlamudi, Vivek kumar, Onur Duman, Seema Kottappurath, Marshalinus Sibi.