INSE 6110: Foundations of Cryptography (Fall 2017)
Mondays, 17:45–20:15, Hall Building, Room 820

Course Outline

The offical course outline is available here.


The lectures are based, in part, on the following freely available textbooks. None are required but may be useful for further reading. Exams and assignments will be based on what is presented during the lectures, with the textbooks providing additional detail and formalization:

Assignments and Exams

Assignements are due by the end of class on the due date. They can be handed in during class or slipped under my office door anytime before the deadline. See the assignment itself for the late policy.

* The time and date of the final exam is selected by the university. The final exam period is Decemember 6–20. The date cannot be moved due to travel plans; I recommend you do not make travel plans until the date is finalized.


Lecture plan is tentitive and may be adjusted.