INSE 6630: Recent Developments in Information Systems Security (Winter 2022)
Blended course with online lectures
Occasional Q&A Sessions: See Schedule, Virtual [Zoom Link]

Course Outline

The offical course outline is available here.


This course has no formal prerequisites. It will involve a little cryptography, which will be taught as if you have not taken 6110, and a little programming of short smart contracts (10s of lines of code). Students from Quality or other departments welcome.


The lectures are based, in part, on the following textbook. It is not required but may be useful for further reading. Exams and assignments will be based on what is presented during the lectures, with the textbooks providing additional detail and formalization.

Assignments and Exams

Assignments are to be submitted via EAS. See the assignment itself for the late policy.

A previous midterm exam and final exam are available. Note the questions will be completely different (not variations on these).

* The time and date of the final exam is selected by the university (not by me). The date cannot be moved due to travel plans; I recommend you do not make travel plans until the date is finalized.


A lecture marked by a star will include a one hour (14:45-15:45) virtual meeting [Zoom Link]. The lecture notes (as a single PDF) can be downloaded here. I'll update it as the course progresses. The SimpleStorage contract code can be downloaded here.