About this system

    This system is intend to book instrument, record test information, and calculate used time. However, it can be used for booking meeting room, making appointment et al. with a little bit set-up. This system was written by Lixin Wu using PHP language.


    I used a couple of weekends to write this system. However I made it for convenience of my colleagues as well as my personal interest, but not for money. I would be happy if this system can be distributed as many as possible. Please feel free to contact me at lixinwu@gmail.com .  I can grant your the license for free. However  you can not re-distribute it without my permission.

Comments and Bugs found

    Please send email to lixinwu@gmail.com. Thanks.   


   August 12, 2006

   July 30, 2006

   July 22, 2006