The mission of the design lab is to improve design quality, to shorten design time, and to enhance design education by developing design tools for innovative product development. The design tools being developed in the lab include design methodology and computer-assisted design software systems. The foundation of this development is the science of design, which provides scientific means for studying design activities. The design tools are used to help companies rapidly develop high quality new products.

The members in the design lab include faculty, research associates, and graduate students from various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, software engineering, and quality engineering.

The design lab has excellent facilities for conducting design research. In addition to workstations and other office accessories, the design lab is particularly equipped with cutting edge devices for human cognitive studies. Those devices include eye-gaze tracking systems, EEG systems, motion sensors, and video cameras.

We are always open to industrial partners for the projects including but not limited to the following areas:

1.     Design of software systems for assisting product design and development
2.     Customer/user modeling and human-machine interface design
3.     Design of quality management program for manufacturing and service sectors
4.     Design of algorithms for geometric modeling and image processing

Currently, the research in the design lab has been supported by government agencies, Concordia University, and industrial partners. Our partners include Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, CAE, Rolls-Royce, CMC, Novatek International, and City of Edmonton.


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