The Snooker Simulation (TSS) is a 3D simulation of snooker that allows you to play with another person or with an "automatic" player.

A snooker player has a lot to do. I have tried to design the simulation so that it can be played with a minimum of keyboard or mouse actions. However, the interface is not entirely intuitive and you will probably need the manual (which is currently a bit old but which will be updated soon).


"Thank you for those countless hours of pleasure you've given me through this excellent piece of software you have created and keep developing!"

Florian Pforr

"...and the best thing because this has to be, in my humble opinion, without any reservations the best piece of free game software available on the web."

Stanley Cannon

"First thing that I have to say - your game is really amazing. ... No one game on earth so close by physics than yours."

Dmitry Yakunin

The billiard sharp whom anyone catches,
His doom's extremely hard ---
He's made to dwell ---
In a dungeon cell
On a spot that's always barred.
And there he plays extravagant matches
In fitless finger-stalls
On a cloth untrue
With a twisted cue
And elliptical billiard balls.

W. S. Gilbert, The Mikado