Current Research Supervision



Ph.D. Students


·         Albahri, Ameen (Saudi Gov. Scholarship)

·         Abdulkader, Sharaf

·         Aghbandrad, Ali

·         Arani, Seyed Amirhosain Sharif

·         Bolourian, Neshat

·         El Ammari, Khaled (Libyan Gov. Scholarship)

·         Salimi, Shide

·         Salimzadeh, Negar

·         Soltani, Mohammad (Co-supervised) (FQRNT scholarships)

·         Taher, Alhussein (Libyan Gov. Scholarship)


M.A.Sc. Students


·         Liu, Zheng

·         Park, Jun


Previous Post-Doctoral Fellows and Graduated Students at Concordia


Post-Doctoral Fellows


·         Dr. Motamedi, Ali

·         Dr. Zhang, Cheng


Ph.D. Students


·         Mawlana, Mohammed

Thesis title: Improving Stochastic Simulation-based Optimization for Selecting Construction Method of Precast Box Girder Bridges

Currently Adjunct Assistant Professor at Concordia University


·         Motamedi, Ali (Recipient of NSERC PGS-D and FQRNT scholarships)

Thesis title: Improving Facilities Lifecycle Management Using RFID Localization and BIM-Based Visual Analytics

Currently JSPS Post-Doctoral Fellow at Osaka University, Japan


·         Vahdatikhaki, Farid

Thesis title: Multi-agent Approach for Improved Safety and Productivity of

Earthmoving Projects Using Location-based Guidance Systems

Currently Assistant Professor at University of Twente, Holland


·         Zhang, Cheng (Recipient of NSERC PGS-D and Hydro Quebec scholarships)

Thesis title: Improving Crane Safety by Agent-Based Dynamic Motion Planning Using UWB Real-Time Location System

Currently Lecturer at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China


M.A.Sc. Students


·         Adetiloye, Kehinde (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Design of RFID-enabled Aircraft Reverse Logistics Network Simulation


·         Albahnassi, Homam

Thesis title: Real-Time Motion Planning and Simulation of Cranes in Construction


·         Aloqaily, Moayad (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Multiparty/Multimedia Conferencing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks for Improving Communications between Firefighters


·         Asen, Yoosef

Thesis title: Building Information Modeling Based Integration and Visualization for Facilities Management


·         Corrigan, James (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Investigating the Use of RFID Technology in the Reverse Logistics of End-of-Service-Life Helicopters: A Hybrid Approach Based On Design for Six Sigma and Discrete-event Simulation


·         Dejam, Bardia (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Design and Simulation of RFID-Enabled Aircraft Reverse Logistics Network via Agent-Based Modeling


·         Doriani, Ahmad

Thesis title: Simulation-Based 4D Modeling for Planning and Scheduling of Elevated Urban Highway Reconstruction Projects


·         El Ammari, Khaled

Thesis title: Visualization, Data Sharing and Interoperability Issues in Model-Based facilities Management Systems


·         Fadae, Sara

Thesis title: Impact of Population Intensification near Transit Nodes on Montreal Traffic Assignment


·         He, Hua Sheng (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: IFC-Based Framework for Evaluating Building Envelope Performance


·         Hong, Pang

Thesis title: Cell Based Representation and Analysis of Spatial Resources n Construction Simulation


·         Hu, Baojin

Thesis title: Quality of Spatial Information for Municipal Infrastructure Management


·         Hu, Yong-xin

Thesis title: Mobile Location-Based Bridge Inspection Decision-Support System


·         Jian, Junyu (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Development of a Web Service for Visualizing the Data of Ultra Wideband Real-Time Location System


·         Khabeer, Basheer

Thesis title: Framework for Indoor Video-based Augmented Reality Applications


·         Langari, Seied Mohammad

Thesis title: Enhanced Path Planning Method for Improving Safety and Productivity of Excavation Operations


·         Masoudifar, Nassim

Thesis title: Monitoring Occupancy and Office Equipment Energy Consumption Using Real-Time Location System and Wireless Energy Meters


·         Moghaddam, Danial

Thesis title: Framework for Integrating Bridge Inspection Data with Bridge Information Model


·         Motamedi, Ali

Thesis title: Framework for Lifecycle Management of Facilities Components Using RFID Technology


·         Mozafari, Elaha

Thesis title: Creating and Testing Urban Virtual Reality Models for Engineering Applications


·         Najaty, Ali

Thesis title: Geo-Visual Analytics of Canada-US Trans-border Traffic Data


·         Pakniat, Parinaz

Thesis title: Optimizing Bridge Decks Maintenance Strategies based on Probabilistic Performance Prediction using Genetic Algorithm


·         Rafiee, Mahsa

Thesis title: Improving Indoor Security Surveillance by Fusing Data from BIM, UWB and Video


·         Rodrigez, Sonia

Thesis title: Experimental Study on Location Tracking of Construction Resources Using UWB for Better Productivity and Safety


·         Rozhdestvenskiy, Dmitry

Thesis title: Product Tracking and Direct Parts Marking System Optimization


·         Saini, Rakesh (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Data Protection of RFID-based Distributed Storage


·         Salimi, Shide

Thesis title: Performance Analysis of Simulation-based Multi-Objective Optimization of Bridge Construction Processes Using High Performance Computing


·         Sato, Yu

Thesis title: Location-based Responsive Space for Multimedia Environment Using Ultra-wideband Technology


·         Setayeshgar, Shayan

Thesis title: Improving Safety on Construction Sites Using BIM-Based Dynamic Virtual Fences and Ultra-Wideband Technology


·         Siddiqui, Hassan

Thesis title: UWB RTLS for Construction Equipment Localization: Experimental Performance Analysis and Fusion with Video Data


·         Soltani, Mohammad

Thesis title: Neighborhood Localization Method for Locating Construction Resources Using RFID and BIM


·         Tan, Xiangyang (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Automatic Code Compliance Checking in Designing Building Envelopes


·         Wang, Hui (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Distributed Augmented Reality for Visualizing Collaborative Construction Tasks


·         Yan, Jian Xin

Thesis title: A Survey of the State of Bridge Management in Canada


·         Yang, Linchuan

Thesis title: Ad-hoc Wireless Networking for Supporting On-Site Communication


·         Zakikhani, Sepideh (Co-supervised)

Thesis title: Structural Health Monitoring Using Wireless Sensors and Damage Detection of Civil Infrastructures


·         Zhang, Cheng

Thesis title: Spatio-Tempora Visualization and Analysis for Infrastructure Management Systems