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General Research Topics

Our group has a broad research interests in the following area:

High-speed reacting compressible flow: Fundamentals in explosion and detonation dynamics; Flame acceleration; Interactions of compressible turbulence with chemistry.

Alternative Fuels: Combustion characteristics of potential alternative fuels including hydrogen, dimethyl ether, syngas and bio-fuels; Modeling of fuel blends to improve safety, fuel energy and emission efficiency.

Energetic Materials: Condensed phase energetic materials modeling; Spectroscopy analysis.

Numerical Methods: CFD, High-order finite volume numerical schemes; Implicit Large Eddy Simulations (ILES); Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR); Adaptive and Overlapping Grid Method; Reduced chemical kinetics strategy.

Nonlinear Dynamics: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in reactive flow phenomena; Logistic equation modeling.

Development of advanced propulsion system: Pulsed detonation engines; micro-combustion thruster

Shock Waves Phenomena: Blast wave theory; Shock interactions; Blast injury.

Surface Waves and Vortex Dynamics: water waves; SPH; Pattern formation.

Wind Energy: Turbulent flow field behind scaled wind turbine; Blades design.


Presented at the 70th APS DFD Annual Meeting


31st APS Gallery of Fluid Motion Milton Van Dyke Award


29th APS Gallery of Fluid Motion Award

Featured in: Scientific American Image Gallery and APS website


28th Gallery of Fluid Motion Milton Van Dyke Award



Azimuthal solitary waves





Polygonal patterns within a hollow vortex core


Nonlinear chaotic attractor of a one-dimensional pulsating detonation


Visualization of an imploding circular wave

abstract_ graphics




Airfoil Wake LES Simulation and Soap-Film Experiments



Flamelet street in a meso-scale channel





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