MATH 104 – section 6

Differential Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences

Instructor: Ida Karimfazli
Lectures: Tues. and Thurs. 2-3:30pm in LSK 200
Office hours: Tues. 3:30-5 in LSK 300C, Wed. 4-5:30 LSK 300C
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Looking for extra motivation?
Jim Simons: A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street
A bit more about Jim Simons from wiki:
“James Harris “Jim” Simons (born 1938) is an American mathematician, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. He is a code breaker and studies pattern recognition.
Simons was a professor of mathematics at Stony Brook University and was also the former chair of the Mathematics Department at Stony Brook.
In 1982, Simons founded Renaissance Technologies, a private hedge fund investment company based in New York with over $25 billion under management. Simons retired at the end of 2009 as CEO of one of the world’s most successful hedge fund companies. Simons’ net worth is estimated to be $14 billion.”

On demand equation, Nike and sneakerheads: The secret sneaker market — and why it matters
In the class, we always assume that demand equation is a fixed given relation between demand quantity and price. This talk presents a very interesting example on how in reality the relation between price and demand quantity is far from written in stone… Can companies design/strategize towards a certain demand  equation?

Supplementary notes:
More on Taylor polynomials, Practice problem on asymptotes
On polynomial approximations
Play with Taylor Polynomials!
Illustration of limit of rational functions at infinity
Introductory slides on sketching functions
Slides on local & absolute min & max
On growth rates and continuous compounding
Exercises on implicit differentiation (solutions), The power rule
Short interesting read on average cost, revenue and profit of iPhone 5
Examples on continuity and tangent line
Illustration of the relationship between average and instantaneous rates of change(33-sec video)
Notes on $latex displaystyle lim_{x to 0} sin(1/x)$
Examples on logarithms