Welcome to Open Lab

What is Open lab?

The OpenLab project is an initiative of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics of Concordia University to make freely accessible to academia and industry its expertise and experimental facilities.

You need to test your prototype on a cardiac simulator? You need preliminary data on your new design? you need to perform experiments for your research? Simply use our facilities

How does it work?

Quite simple! If you need to use one of our facilities listed below, just bring your setup and test-and-go! By default, you will be granted three days of experiments per year. If you need more testing time, we request then to put in place a formal collaboration with our Lab.

Why Openlab?

By experience, we have noticed that some academia and industrial partners need short testing periods to validate their design or to get preliminary data for a grant submission for example. We are hopeful that an Open Lab will smoothen and optimize the process.

What is our role?

Our role is to help in interfacing your setup with our experimental facilities, in performing the experimental measurements and in data recording.
Within your yearly three days granted period, we do not require/recommend to be involved as co-authors or co-applicants in your project.
If a formal collaboration is required to be put in place, then the terms and roles of each party will be then discussed.