Applying to the Lab? Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are core values in our Lab. If you a member of under-represented groups in engineering, you are welcome in our Lab. If you have a ‘non-standard’ academic pathway, you are are also welcome in our Lab, just submit a 1-page document highlighting any special circumstances that might have negatively impacted their academic/research performance

New to the Lab? Before joining our Lab it is mandatory to go through the following training modules: [EDI modules: 1) Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion; 2) Unconscious bias and 3) Gendered innovations]; [Safety modules: WHMIS for laboratory personnel and Laser safety training]; [Literature review modules: Smart ways to quickly find the best academic literature and Google scholar 1 & 2]; [Programming modules: Matlab; Labview and Python]; [CADing modules: Solidworks].

Current Members


Dr. Lyes Kadem

Wissam Abdallah

Kowsar Teimouri

Andréa El-Khoury

Arezoo Movahed

Hugo Blons

Théo Chevalier

Sarah Morgan


Director of the LCFD

Co-director of the LCFD and PhD candidate

Ph.D Candidate

MASc Candidate; Lab Manager

MASc Candidate

MASc Candidate

MASc Candidate

MASc Candidate

Former Members

PhD candidates


Dr. Othman Smadi

Dr. Julio Garcia

Dr. Shahrokh Shahriari

Dr. Zahra Keshavarz

Dr. Hani Abulkhair

Dr. Giuseppe Di Labbio


Blood flow through dysfunctional mechanical heart valves (NSERC Scholarship)

Evaluation of aortic stenosis using Magnetic resonance imaging

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics to cardiovascular flows

Blood flow through coarctation of the aorta

Transient flow in aneurysm of the abdominal aorta

On the left ventricle fluid dynamics associated with progressive chronic aortic regurgitation

Position following Graduation

Faculty member at Hashemite University (Jordan)

Faculty member, University of Calgary (Canada)                      

Post-Doc Fellow, FRQNT Fellowship, Georgia Tech (USA)

Post-Doc Fellow, NSERC Fellowship, MIT (USA)

Faculty member, King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia)

Post-Doc Fellow, FRQNT Fellowship, École Polytechnique de Montréal

MASC candidates


Hoda Maleki

Morteza Jeyhani

Azadeh Saeedi

Giuseppe Di Labbio

Ghazaale Zeinaly

Batoul El-Sayegh

Amanda Mikhail

Maziar Sargordi

Max Lavigne

Shahrzad Norouzi

Ghassan Maraouch


Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Blood Flow Through a Stenotic Valve

Flow dynamics in the Left Ventricle Following Edge-to-Edge Repair

Numerical Simulations of Flow Dynamics in the Presence of Paravalvular Leaks

On the Evolution of Flows in Straight Circular Pipes Subject to a Localized Transverse Impulsive Body Force

Design and Development of a New Innovative Transcatheter Mitral

Investigation of Left Ventricle Flow Dynamics in the Presence of Mitral Annular Calcification

Fluid Dynamic Structures in the Right Ventricle with Presence of Pulmonary Regurgitation after Tetralogy of Fallot Repair

Flow characteristics downstream of twin pulsed orifice jets: application to mitral valve repair

Towards a 3D Printed Patient Clone: Application to the Effect of Aortic Regurgitation on the Flow in the Left Ventricle

Flow Characteristics in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: An in vitro Study

Prosthetic Mitral Valve Orientation and its Impact on the Flow Dynamics in the Left Ventricle

Position following Graduation

PhD Candidate, NSERC Scholarship, University of Toronto

PhD Candidate, Ryerson University

Teledyne Optech

PhD Candidate, Concordia University

SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc.


PhD Candidate, École Polytechnique de Montréal



PhD Candidate, École Polytechnique de Montréal

System Developer, Zimmer       Biomet                                         

Boston Scientific

Starting a spin-off

Undergraduate Students


E. Benevento; M. Cohen (NSERC USRA); D. Glowacki (NSERC USRA); N. Mirvakili (NSERC USRA); M. Mastroianni (NSERC-USRA); L. Mercuri-Bastien (NSERC-USRA); C. Ansel (France); Y. Park (Concordia-USRA); M. Campanile (NSERC-USRA), MX. Le Danguy Deserts (France), A. Mikhail (NSERC-USRA); A. Chtchetinina; A. Belanger (NSERC-USRA); P. Mandal (MITACS); I. Hadjab; A. Raymondet (France); G. Brankov (NSERC-USRA); S. Dort (NSERC-USRA); M. Leveau; J. Pinnell; R. Wosu; C. Tardif.;  Chetboun (France); G. Maraouch (NSERC-USRA); G. Di Labbio (NSERC-USRA); M. Asaadi (McGill); M. El Kakhri; M. Lavigne (NSERC-USRA); M. Leronseur (France); P. Rossi (NSERC-USRA); S. Shuchat (Coop); S. Younes; YC. Tchatchouang



Dr. G. Di Labbio (ÉTS; QC; Canada); Dr. HD. Ng (Concordia University; Montréal; QC; Canada); Dr. J. Garcia (University of Calgary; AB; Canada); Dr. Z. Keshavarz-Motamed (McMaster University; ON; Canada); Dr. A. Djebarri (Université de Tlemcen; Algeria); Dr. J. Vetel (École Polytechnique de Montréal; QC; Canada); Dr. JL. Thiffeault (University of Wisconsin, USA) Dr. S. Bodkhe (École Polytechnique de Montréal; QC; Canada); Dr. G. Pressman (Einstein Medical Centre; USA); Dr. B. Potter (CHUM; QC; Canada); Dr. P. Pibarot (Québec Heart and Lung Institute; QC; Canada); Dr. B. Vermeire (Concordia University; QC; Canada); Dr. TH. Kwok (Concordia University; QC; Canada); Dr. H. Rivaz (Concordia University; QC; Canada); Dr. D. Garcia (INSERM; France); Dr. R. Rieu (Polytech Marseille; France); Dr. Ben Assa (MIT-Harvard; USA)