Mounir Elgharabawy

Master's Student | Information Systems Security


I am currently pursuing a MASc. in Information System Security in Concordia University. I work with the Madiba Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Mannan and Dr. Amr Youssef. I currently work on evaluating the security and privacy of IoT devices.


Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

August 2019-Present

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

September 2014-May 2018

Previous Research

Center for Cyber Security (NYUAD)

Research Assistant

May 2018-July 2018

● Explored methods to compromise voice recognition systems (Amazon DeepSpeech, Google Voice Recognition API)
● Replicated state-of-the-art research to create hidden voice commands that are unintelligible to humans but interpreted as commands by the devices
● Developed a new methodology to generate audio adversarial examples which causes voice recognition systems to misinterpret the voice command
● Explored the limitations of the ultrasonic DolphinAttack against speaker identification

Lightweight Cryptography in Embedded Systems

Capstone Student

September 2017-May 2018

● Implemented designs of 4 cryptographic primitives in VHDL (AES, SPARX, XXTEA, SIMON)
● Optimized the design for the Spartan-6 and Virtex-6 FPGA’s to find a balance between throughput and area, rivaling state-of-art optimizations
● Presented the project at the UAE Undergraduate Research Competition finals

Professional Experience

Sumerge Software Solutions

Associate Software Developer

November 2018-July 2019

● Took the initiative to secure the user password storage mechanism by switching from AES encryption to salted PBKDF2 hash as recommended by NIST guidelines
● Developed and deployed hot-fixes for critical bugs on production
● Optimized and refactored existing code for better performance and testability

Eventum Solutions

Full-stack Software Engineering Intern

July 2017-August 2017

Worked in a team of 4 to develop an Applicant-Tracking System (ATS)
● Set up a MySQL database to store applicant details
● Developed a web application for the ATS using React, Spring and Hibernate
● Integrated Elasticsearch into backend to efficiently search hundreds of applicant resumes for keywords in under 5 seconds

Mounir Elgharabawy — — (514) - 570-3763