• A New Way to Find Cancer

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  • Creation as the Engine of Society

    Interview with Le Devior Magazine

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  • Inventor

    Fellow Induction Ceremony of National Academy of Inventors

  • The Great Inventor of Very Small

  • Gold Ash!

    Bullets for Cancer

  • First Ever Quebecer

    Congratulates Prof. Packirisamy: U.S. National Academy of Inventors Honours First Ever Quebecer

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S^3 Additive Manufacturing

A method to print impossible to print materials in a couple of seconds

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Cellular Cancer Studies

LSPR LOCs for exosomes based early stage cancer detection

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Tactile Sensing

Minimally invasive surgery in teleoperation

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Lab on Chip

Optical chemical and bio sensors based on the plasmonic nanostructures

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Microspectrometers, filters, and multiplexers/demultiplexers for integrated optics, optical sensing, and telecommunications

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Bio-Nano-Micro Integration

Inter cellular localization of swarna bhsama gold nano particles and the cancer treatment

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  • Special Issue of Micromachines, deadline: Nov. 2021 (Guest Editors: Prof. Packirisamy and Dr. Habibi)

  • Congrats Ehsan for being selected as Public Scholar! (read more)

  • Congrats Suba for being interviewed for her fascinating research! (read more)
  • Congrats Asal (Naghmeh) to be among Public Scholars of Concordia University! (read more)Naghmeh Bandari
  • Congrats Asal (Naghmeh) and Mahdi for their well-deserved FRQNT scholarships!
  • Prof. Packirisamy received his fellow membership from National Academy of Inventors. Congrats! April 2019 (read more)
  • Congrats Durai for his Outstanding Contribution Award! April 2019
  • Prof. Packirisamy is on the editorial board of Research, official journal of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). Come see our latest articles.
  • Our Research on Gold Ash Highlighted in Montreal Gazette. Feb. 2019 (read more)
  • Congratulations Jalal for his Ph.D. defense, well done! Feb. 2019 
  • Well done, Mostapha! Our Lab work is the cover page in Electrophoresis Journal in the Special Microfluidics Issue (read more) Feb. 2019
  • Prof. Packirisamy will join the Fellows Induction Ceremony and the 2019 Annual Meeting of National Academy of Inventors on April 11, 2019 at Space Center Houston in Houston, TX. (read more) Jan. 2019
  • Interview with LA PRESSE+ (read more) Dec. 2018
  • Congratulations Prof. Packirisamy for being the first Quebecer to be the member of US National Academy of Inventors (read more) Dec. 2018
Lab-on-a-chip researcher honoured by Royal Society of Canada
Could gold ash be a magic bullet for treating cancer?
U.S. National Academy of Inventors honours first-ever Quebecer