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General Inquiries for Ph.D. or M.Sc. Positions

We are always interested in working with highly talented students with solid backgrounds in multidisciplinary areas such as Micro, Nano and Bio engineering. All interested students are welcome to send their applications to Prof. Packirisamy at “".

Ph.D. Position

Project title: Polymer customization and development for an in-house additive manufacturing processes based on Spatial Selective Solidification technology

Supervision: Prof. Muthukamaran Packirisamy

Project description: Laser and heat have been the main energy sources in additive manufacturing (AM) since 1986 when the first patent in 3D printing came public. These energy sources make AM limited to certain materials and applications. In addition, pixel-by pixel or layer-by-layer printing has been the dominant fabrication method in AM which results in low accuracy and inhomogeneous mechanical properties of the produced parts.

A proprietary AM technology called “Spatial Selective Solidification” was developed in Optical-Bio Microsystems Lab at Concordia University to overcome inherent problems of current AM processes mentioned above. The in-house method is capable of producing polymeric parts that was not possible to be manufactured by conventional AM processes. Although currently this method is used to print polymeric parts, the material range would be wide and further exploration towards ceramic, glass or metal would be considered in the near future of the development of the process.

The Ph.D. position is designed to work on the material development of the AM technology to increase the accuracy and resolution of the printed parts via polymer customization. The candidate will work on printing nano/conductive/magnetic composites composed of a polymer matrix. Nanoparticels can severely change the part properties and the candidate will work on optimization the required electrical/mechanical properties.

Skills and Qualification:

  • M.Sc. in Polymer Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related fields,
  • Deep knowledge of polymer chemistry and polymerization processes specifically free radical polymerization,
  • Familiarity with LAMMPS ( LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator) software is a plus,
  • Knowledge in Nanoparticle synthesis is a pulse,
  • Passion and enthusiasm to explore uncharted territories in science and engineering.

Interested applicants can send their CVs to Prof. Packirisamy at “" and CC “" with the title of “Polymer Engineering-PhD Position".